Hi! My name is Ben Newcomb and I love helping people have extraordinary breakthroughs in their online marketing efforts. Below you'll see a diagram of the way that my paid traffic system works. Feel free to replicate it for your own marketing efforts. Just a side note, I use more than just paid traffic but you can replace any one of the paid traffic source I use with a free source and it will work slower but it will still work.

I currently manage around 2 million dollars a year in ad spend for my clients and have some pretty awesome results for them. For example, I recently helped a martial arts school generate 367 leads in a small target area in less than 3 months!


In this section you will find both paid and free resources for your internet marketing efforts. This section is where you want to go if you need hosting, books, auto-responders and other tools or resources.


If you need help with your online marketing efforts including website/blog set up, Google AdWords management, Facebook Ads, and other traffic generation strategies or conversion assistance then this is the section that will benefit you most.


If you want free, in depth content that will help you run the online portion of your business then my blog will be useful for you. I cover paid strategies, free strategies, conversion tactics and other topics. I share Google AdWords strategies, Facebook strategies and more.


Traffic & Conversion Model 2