3 Ways To Use Facebook To Get More Leads For Perfectly Posh

If you are in Perfectly Posh and you are looking for ways to generate more leads and sales for your business then you’ve come to the right place. I know how hard it can be when you are working your business and then after a short while you have been through your entire list of friends and family just to find that you only made a couple of dollars in sales!

I have made as much as 10,000 dollars in a single day through my business and I want to share some of the ways that I do it online with you.

The Facebook Like Page

The very first thing you will need for your Perfectly Posh business is a Facebook Like page. These pages can be created for free and they will give you valuable data and additional options. When you create your Facebook Like page make it very generic. I personally named mine after myself so that I could brand…well… myself.

There are a number of reasons for creating a generic page. First of all it will allow you to build an audience around you rather than an audience that is surrounding your company. If Perfectly Posh were ever to go out of business would you want your whole audience around you or the business that just shut down? Of course you would want it around you so that you can keep them!

Another thing that a Facebook Like page will do for your business is allow you to gather data about the people who like your page and interact with your page. This can tell you a lot about how to speak with them and the content they are really liking. It will also add social proof to what you’re saying on the page! When people like or share your content they are telling everyone they like it!

You will also need a Facebook Like page for the purpose of running Facebook ads, which we’ll get to in a moment.

Engage With People In Facebook Groups

I recommend joining as many groups on Facebook as you can that actually have people interacting with each other. When you are choosing groups to join look for certain niches. For example, if you’re selling Perfectly Posh you might want to join Mom groups or join groups with women who are discussing makeup and how they keep themselves looking good. The point is you will need to join groups that have people who would be interested in purchasing your product.

While you are in the group you should not be selling but instead get to know people in the group. Make some new online friends. When the timing is right you can show them your business but for now just make friends with them.

Facebook Video

Make a videos reviewing products that you love and some that you hate. Not just Perfectly Posh products but other products as well. That way people will not tune in twice and assume you’re just doing another sales pitch on your deal. Keeping your audience engaged with you matters a lot and when they see another sales pitch coming they will be gone fast! Make sure you engage them and share multiple things.

Facebook Ads

I wanted to bring up Facebook ads here because if you are making the review videos and you post them to your Facebook Like page you can then boost posts and get a lot more attention for your new little show you’ve created.

There is a lot to Facebook ads though and I really want to make sure that I serve you the best way that I know how. I found a great free training on using Facebook ads to generate leads which you can get by clicking here. 

I will also be writing additional blog posts to help with this at another time! For now though get this free Facebook Lead Ads training. It’s make sure you get off to a great start! Click here to get the Facebook Lead Ads Training