About Me

Who Is Benjamin Newcomb?

Who am I and why should you listen to me? Well my name is Ben Newcomb and I have been online since 2009. I started learning how to market my business online when I was part of a network marketing company that sold real estate investing education. 

It took several months before I made my first dollar online but once I did I was hooked! The most I have generated in a single day from my online marketing for my own campaigns was 10,000 dollars.

The first dollar I earned was from a program called Free Lambo. The program showed how to use a real estate strategy to raise money to buy a Lamborghini. It was a very cool program. Essentially what they showed was how to raise money to buy the Lamborghini and then use the car to advertise by wrapping it. One guy in California used this method and got 800 leads for his company in a single weekend at a car show. The crazy thing is he had people give him his information by writing it down with pen and paper.

The reason I am telling you this is because selling that program was how I made my first dollar online. Now I manage about two million dollars a year in paid advertisements for my clients. Between November and January of 2016 my ads were seen by 49 million people in the United States… and that is just one of the campaigns I was running!

I run a few different sites on the net that are my own and I manage paid ads for my clients. Our team can make professional videos, manage Facebook Ad campaigns, Google AdWords Campaigns, Remarketing and we have access to TubeMogul for driving a ton of awareness for our clients campaigns.

I am Google AdWords Certified. Which means that Google recognizes me as someone who has passed their tests and is able to run AdWords campaigns. So essentially, I know what I am doing.