Why Affiliate Marketers Struggle To Get Sales From Paid Traffic

When I first got online, like many people, I struggled to make sales of affiliate products. Today I manage about 5  million dollars in yearly ad spend and make lots of sales. The difference between then and now came from a few key things that have made all the difference.

Remarketing Pixels

When I first started to drive traffic for affiliate programs I would drive that traffic straight to a landing page tat was provided by the company that I was selling for. The first issue with this was that I did not have a remarketing pixel installed in their website. That wasn’t a big problem back when I first started since there was no such thing as remarketing pixels! Today, however, it is a very big deal. Anyone who runs an affiliate program (and knows what they are doing) will have their own remarketing pixel installed into the site you are running traffic to. They will then run remarketing ads to the people that you spent your money to acquire and they will pick up the money that was left on the table, from your cold traffic. That is great for the company you are selling for but not so great for you!

There are a few ways to overcome this problem. You can ask  the affiliate manager to install your remarketing pixel into their website or you can build your own landing pages and thank you pages and install the pixel into the landing pages you built. I recommend building your own landing page as you will see in a moment.

Not building an email list

Almost all affiliates skip building an email list at first. If you are serious about being an affiliate marketer you need to build your own landing pages and get the remarketing pixel installed. In addition to that your landing page needs to offer a freebie and it needs to collect the emails of the people that you are driving to the site so that you can follow up with them later.

Trying to Get “FREE” Traffic

This is the biggest mistake I made for years and years. I was convinced I was just missing something. Well.. I was. I was missing traffic all together! Another reason that you really must build your own landing pages is that free traffic can be built over time but it is so slow that you could go broke waiting for enough traffic to even get your first sale.

Pay Facebook, Pay Google Pay someone but get real quality targeted traffic.

Hope these tips help you avoid some of the issues I dealt with when I was first starting out in the affiliate world.