Don’t Be a Douche

Have you ever had obnoxious people behind you at the theater? People who throw popcorn. They won’t stop talking. They kick your chair. All you want by the end of they movie is to punch them in the nose…

That happened to Ronda Rousey before she became the undefeated women’s UFC champion. She actually did something about it too.

The girl behind Ronda put her feet on the back of Ronda’s chair. One foot on either side of her head. This obnoxious group had 8 people in it. The men made comments about how they would, “do” the main actress in the movie.

By the end of the movie Ronda had enough. She grabbed the girl’s shoe that was on her chair and She throws it across the theater. Then she tells the girl her parents need to teach her some manners!

As Ronda tries to leave with her two friends one of the men in the obnoxious group blocks her way. He demands Ronda go get the other girls shoe.

Ronda refuses. She tries to walk by. The man pushes her back into the row of seats.

She makes another attempt to leave. He pushes her back again. Ronda has had enough. She begins punching this man in the face.

Another man comes from behind and starts to choke her with his arm. Ronda uses her Judo to throw this man. She punches him too!

Then the girl with only one shoe decides to jump in. Ronda’s friend grabs the one shoed lady and throws her, face down into a chair.

Then as they’re about to leave her friend yells,” You don’t know who your messing with! This is Judo champion, Ronda Rousey!” Dumb friend…
The cops are called. Ronda explains what happened. She is let go but it isn’t over yet…

Some Time Passes

Several months later the police pull her over for a tail light that isn’t working. The cop walks up to the car. He calls her by name through her window, “Ronda Rousey? Please step out of the car.” Several more cop cars show up on the scene.

Then they tell her they heard what happened at the theater. At this point Ronda is really nervous. She is certain she will be arrested. She was able to relax a moment later though when the police told her they thought the theater incident was awesome. They were big fans and and wished her luck as she went through the Olympics.

I love this story because it illustrates two powerful points. You never know who is right next to you. You also never know how things are going to turn out.

Are You Worth Meeting?

We tend to get concerned about who we have around us. We want to be around the coolest people. We want to meet people who can help us meet our goals. That is fine but there is a problem with it. No one wants to be around someone who is only out for themselves.

In my time online I have seen countless people pitching their deals. The problem is no one likes the door to door salesman or on Facebook the profile to profile salesman. i.e. spammers

Add Value

The best way to meet interesting, powerful and influential people is to develop yourself into an interesting, powerful and influential person and do your best to provide value to the people around you. When you meet the influential people offer to help them. Seriously stop trying to take all the time and start to give your assistance and you will begin to see your life transform.

Let me tell you a little story.

My brother has epilepsy. As you can imagine epilepsy can make it hard to hold down consistent work. To keep busy and to keep from losing his mind from boredom he would go out in the neighborhood and ask the neighbors if he could do any work for them. The fascinating thing is that he was doing it for free.

Over time he became very busy. In fact he became so busy doing free work for people that he could fulfill on everything. He couldn’t keep up. So you know what happened? The people who really needed the help started to offer him money in exchange for his work. The other people wanted him too so they started to offer him money too. All of a sudden my epileptic brother was making more and more money. He had created a job for himself by working for free!

How does this apply to your business?

Frank Kern, a legendary affiliate marketer, says to just be cool to people. Give them value. Think about a company like Organo Gold. They sell coffee. Their entire process hinges on giving coffee away. Isn’t that easy? Someone can’t wake up… Offer them some coffee! Often they’ll ask where you got the coffee and become a customer.

I originally learned this concept from a couple of books. The first one was Launch: How to Quickly Propel Your Business Beyond the Competition by Mike Stelzner. In this book he shares how he launched Social Media Examiner which is one of the largest social media marketing websites in the world!

He shares his formula for growth as a business. His formula takes out the sales messages and gets other people to help you through a giving based approach. Very good stuff.

The second book is called The Go Giver: A little story about a business idea by Bob Burg This book is a fictional story about a man who is out for himself in the business world. He goes through some mentoring and learns the more he gives without expectation of a reward the more he gets in return.

I highly recommend both of these books.


Get out there and start being cool to people. Help them reach their goals in any way that you can and you will find your goals being met along the way.