The Very First Step For Getting Martial Arts Leads Online

When I first started  marketing for martial arts schools I built a website for a local school in Austin Texas. This school was fairly successful already but needed a new site because theirs was very, very outdated. Here is what I did. I came up with the outcomes I wanted the site to have.  Then I designed the website backwards.

So that is the very first thing you need is a goal. A clear vision of what you want your website to do. In the case of the first martial arts school that I marketed I decided they needed to collect leads from their site. They didn’t need to sell on the site because that is a hard sell from a website. No sir, they needed email addresses and phone numbers to follow up with people who would proclaim that they wanted to learn martial arts!

I built the site so that the people who landed on the home page would need to choose a path they wanted to take on the site. So if they wanted adult classes they clicked on the adult classes button. That would in turn take them to another page that would explain the adult classes and the benefits of joining the school. Then their was a large, get rates and schedules button on the right hand side of the screen and a couple more throughout the page. In order to get the rates and schedules though the would have to send the email and their phone number for follow up. We also offered some free classes to try it out and see if they liked the class.

So stepping back a moment, decide what you want your website to do and then build the whole site around that intention. All of your images, all of the text, everything provides value and leads them to the end goal.

If you need help setting up your site and figuring out what your martial arts website goals are you can hit me up on my fan page at I will help you out just ask. I do charge for services but as long as I have time I will answer any questions you might have! If I get a lot of the same question I just write a blog post or make a video about it. Oh by the way, that site I built, in the last year alone, has generated over 2,200 leads for my client! Just thought you should know it works!