How I Helped a Local Martial Arts School Generate 108 Leads in 3 Weeks for $3.66 A Piece

Are you using Facebook to generate leads for your martial arts business?
If not then you are missing a huge opportunity.
My local Kung Fu Master was not using Facebook ads until I convinced him to run a small $5 a day test and now he is getting so many leads that he can’t keep up with all of them!

Here’s the deal, in this post I will share with you what I did that has made a huge difference for his business and how I tripled his lead flow for the year.

First off all, I run traffic from two separate ad platforms.

Google and Facebook.

These two platforms will help you get a ton of martial arts leads through your door.

Here’s our email list numbers for the last three weeks. Today’s date is 2-28-17 and these are our results since the 8th of February.

224 subscribers in 3 weeks!

108 of these leads came from Facebook and we paid $3.66 per lead.

So how in the world did I get these results?

The first thing I did is I ran a canvas ad.

Canvas ads are a cool mobile only ad format that Facebook offers. In this ad I essentially built a small duplicate website as the ad. This started to generate leads for the school.

This client had a large email list that I uploaded to Facebook. If you have an email list, perfect, upload it to Facebook. If you do not have an email list you can begin to make one using Aweber and your website. Aweber collects emails and automatically follows up with those leads when you set up an email series and it is a must have for all martial arts business owners.

I downloaded the list from my clients Aweber account and then I uploaded the emails to Facebook and created something called a Lookalike list. Facebook looked at the data I gave them and then it searched it’s data base for the entire country to determine who looks like the people who have given my client their email addresses.

Next I set up a Facebook conversion ad. This ad objective targets people most likely to become leads. This does require you to have the Facebook pixel installed with the lead tag on a thank you page. Facebook will automatically optimize the ads based on the data that it is given!

A few notes on setting up a Facebook conversion ad. The first thing is that you need to have data. You need to get a minimum of 15 leads a week or Facebook can’t optimize your ad because it has insufficient data and gets confused.

Next, bid high. You can set your daily ad spend to whatever you want but bid a minimum of $30 cost per acquisition. I also did a 1 day after clicking conversion window. For targeting I used the lookalike list and targeted people within 10 miles of the business address. I also targeted martial arts as an interest and that is all there was to it. Then I let it run for the last three weeks. I added two ads to the campaign at the beginning and paused the under performing ad after about a week.