How I Helped A Local Martial Arts Business Get 33 Leads in One Week

I built a website over the last few weeks. We recently took on helping a martial arts studio in San Antonio, Texas get traffic for their website. They were getting very few leads from their site before that, maybe 2 a week. The we took over their campaign and we got them over 80 leads in January alone.

Pretty awesome turn around. A few of these might have happened without us just because around the beginning of the year people are always looking for new ways to lose weight. However we can trace all of these leads and the increase in their traffic to the AdWords campaign that we set up for them. Also, this is not the end of the story.

One of the reasons we were doing this for them is because the owner of Motiliti is a martial arts master in Austin, Texas and he has been getting leads for years through AdWords. However his website was very outdated. The amazing results that we caused for the San Antonio school were awesome because his website converts well.

The owner of Motiliti decided that he wanted me to rebuild his website. We worked on his new site together. After a few weeks we had a brand new site. It was not in time for the January rush of students but that made no difference. So far his new site has been up for  a little over a week and a half and the new site has generated 33 leads and counting. It has a opt in rate of 15-20%!

Here is why his site is working. First of all he is getting really quality traffic from Google AdWords. We chose keywords that are very relevant to his business. Then we revamped some of his ads that were only getting .70% click through rate! Now the ads are getting around a 2% click through rate or better.

That is getting the traffic to the site but then it is the sites job to turn them into a lead. Let me explain what we did that is converting so well on his site.

First of all we know his audience really, really well. His audience wants rates and schedules when they come to his site so instead of just giving them to them we make the give us something in exchange for the rates an the schedules! That is getting too far ahead though, let me back up.

When the traffic arrives on the site the first thing they see is a nice image of the Shaolin temple. This is designed to catch their attention and make the site look nice and professional. Then they immediately see 3 boxes. He has three classes and each box has a description of the program. There is some other text below it which I don’t personally think is needed but it is still good content.

This page is designed to make the visitors do one thing. Choose a program that they want to learn about. One they click the program they’re interested in then they go to a page with some information about the class. On the right hand side of the screen there is a large button that says get rates and schedules. remember this is the only thing that most of these folks want to see when they arrive at the site.

We do not give them the rates and schedules without getting their name, phone number and email address. They must click on the button that takes them to a lead capture page. There are only two ways off of this page. Close the box or give us their information in exchange for what they want.

So really it is three simple steps and then they follow up with a personal email and an invite to schedule a fee trial class. Simple and very effective. Of the 33 leads we have produced in the last week and a half he has 17 appointments for free classes! Can’t ask for too much better than that!

We are trying even more stuff out right now but so far the conversions have been awesome and I am proud to say that I built this site for him. He charges $116 a month for his classes. I was paid right around 1200 dollars for building his site. With 17 appointments made and the incredible art he teaches he should easily make the money that he paid me back very quickly. After all this is only his first week with the new site!

Let’s just say he only charged a 100 dollars a month to make the math easy. I am going to assume that he can easily close 30% of the people that make an appointment with him. that would mean that 5 of the people in his appointments will begin and pay for class. That is 500 dollars a month.

Lets assume he can will get consistent numbers over the course of the next month. That would mean that he is making 500 dollars every week. at 4 weeks in a month that is 2,000 dollars for the first month with his new site. Take out the 1,200 dollars he paid me that leaves 800 dollars profit from the new site for its first month in existence!

Now keep in mind that these people pay every month! Lets assume he has a 50% attrition rate for his students. That means that in the second month he will bring in an additional 2,000 dollars from new students and 1,000 dollars from the students who are still there on the second month. Obviously it will never be this perfect but he is doing very well since he has been in business for over twenty years and the new site has dramatically increased his lead flow!

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