How We Got 200 Martial Arts Leads In 4 Months On A Small Budget.

This post is for anyone who wants practical tips for increasing their AdWords effectiveness.

So often I hear the words, I’ve tried AdWords and got nothing in return. We spent hundreds of dollars with AdWords and got nothing back. Seem familiar?

That’s what my client was dealing with when I took over his AdWords account. He was getting about 10 leads a month at a cost of 80 dollars a lead. He asked me for help because in the past year I’ve helped generate over 1600 leads for another client in the same field.

So I ran a test for him. The first thing I did is I looked at his quality scores for his keywords. Quality scores are important because they determine how relevant the keyword is to the ad being run and Google scans the landing page the ad is pointing to to see if it is relevant to the keyword being used. Want to improve your quality scores and get cheaper clicks? Choose a keyword, write an ad with that keyword in it. Put the keyword on the landing page you’re sending traffic too. It’s really that easy to improve a low quality score and get cheaper clicks.

After I looked at the horribly low quality scores and pulled them up from a 1 or 2 to a 6-7 I had made some significant headway. I changed the ads. I changed the landing pages and where he previously had been getting 10 leads per month he was now getting 10 leads per week.

Next, I went into the search term report and looked at the actual searches people were doing for the impressions and clicks. As I found irrelevant keywords I added them to the negative list. What this does is excludes keyword that aren’t useful and focuses the ad dollars on the search terms that we really want.

After those things we complete I wanted to make sure his landing pages actually worked. You can send the best traffic in the world to a bad landing page and lose your money. If your landing page offers something people don’t want or believe you’ll never get leads.

We altered the offer we were making previously and the leads started to flow in like crazy! Offers that customers don’t want will never convert, ever.

There’s more to what I’ve done but that’s a story for another time. If you know you’d be like some help with your AdWords account let me know over on Facebook at