I Used Facebook To Get 1,006,654 People To See My Ad In Less Than 12 Hours

A few months back we started working on a large account. The business that we are working for wanted to spend 1.3 million dollars in just a few months time on ads. I am not going to tell you that this strategy is for people who don’t have money to blow. In fact quite the opposite. This campaign was designed for branding which typically is not what small businesses need.

Branding type ads raise awareness of your business on a massive level but they typically won’t bring in much revenue. That is why I don’t recommend this type of campaign for people who own small businesses. ¬†Most small businesses don’t have the ridiculously deep pockets that are required to make branding advertising work for them.

For small businesses it is better to pay per click or even per conversion. In this campaign we paid for impressions. When you are paying per impression you are paying for people to see your ads. That is it. They see it, you pay.

1,006,654 people saw the ad. We targeted people by their relationship status and their age because that is what we needed to do to target our clients target demographic, people between 30-39 who are in a relationship.

We created 5 ads and ran them simultaneously because the client has 5 brands under their roof.  Unfortunately we have not had the time resources to create multiple ads and test then to see what would give the best results and the client is approving everything before we run the ads. The ads are simple video ads.

On this campaign we only had to pay $1.29 for ever thousand people that saw the ad. For slightly over one million impressions we paid… $1029 and some change. Not too bad. That mean for the price of a 20,000 dollar television spot we could have put that ad in front of millions of people.. What is even better though is that the ads are targeted to the target demographic, unlike television.

Again if you don’t have a really large business then this type of advertising is not for you. Instead you should focus on Pay per Click traffic rather than impressions. The reason is if people aren’t clicking your banner ads then they are not too likely to purchase something from you since they aren’t even going to your website. They might become familiar with your name but it isn’t going to be pulling in the dough that you need for a small business to survive.