How To Recruit Face To Face

Let’s get one thing completely straight, NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS!

When we first get started in our home based businesses we think it is going to be super easy. Didn’t you think that when you called the people closest to you that they would support you and join your business? Didn’t you think that everyone would see the same vision you did and just get in? For some reason the people closest to us don’t usually react like that though.

After you’ve burned through the list you created when you joined you take to social media. First you post to your own wall and no one says anything. You just hear the sounds of crickets where you thought the sounds of dollar signs would be… So then you decide to post in groups just to learn there are tons of people not getting results in the exact same way! The business gets frustrating and you start to feel like you’ve been scammed but is that really the case? No of course not but you still don’t know how to get people to join you in your business!

This is what I went through as I am sure you have as well. So what is the solution? Help People!

Here is how you can do business from now on. Be genuinely helpful.

Like I said in the beginning, no one is interested in your business but they are interested in one thing. Themselves. Their business. Their kids. Their spouse. Their own lives. Maybe you should attempt to listen to people and see what is important to them. Learn about their struggles, their pains. Then, help them for free. That’s right for free.

Introduce them to someone who can help them. Help them accomplish something, make suggestions. Be a good friend. If your business can help them then you should show it to them. Don’t show it to them for you, show it to them for them!

The first step though is to initiate a conversation then ask questions and listen. That’s it. Not much else to it. Just listen and ask questions.

If you are at a networking event and you just started up a conversation, ask questions. They’ll answer them. People love to talk about themselves. Then to be polite they will ask about you and your business. At this point, deflect them. Tell them you’re happy to tell them about what you do but it is pretty boring so you would rather know about some additional aspect of what they do.

If you decide to spew forth your life story at this point you will find that the person you were talking to has moved on. Remember they don’t care about your business so if you begin telling them all about your business they will be ending the conversation in short order because they will be bored! Offer them help with whatever you can help them with and then fulfill on your promise.

If you do tell them about your business share stories about how you helped people with similar problems to their problems. If you didn’t help someone with a problem similar to theirs that is okay. Tell them a story about how someone else in your company helped with a situation like theirs. Hint: This is a reason to go to your company events, you can get these stories there!

Active listening is something you will need to practice. Ask a question, then as they speak repeat what they are saying in your mind. Try to understand their experience and the emotions they have. These emotions could be good or bad. Your job is to understand their emotions. Nothing build rapport better than saying things like that sounds like you were frustrated from that experience or that sounds like you absolutely loved that! People are starved for people to just listen to them and understand them. You will be their favorite person when you do. Sometimes you will run into people with no social graces and they will just keep talking and talking. If they are just blah, blah, blahing at you ask them some deeper questions. Really dig in with people they love it when you do.

But how does this turn into money? How does it become a business transaction? You know their problems and you can share your case studies with them and they will ask more about your business. At that point when you are clear that you can help them you can offer them the solution to their problems. My point is don’t walk up to everyone and just start trying to sell them because then you will become the person everyone is avoiding.

One quick story about how well this works. First of all this is not just a technique for me but rather I actually do care and I do help people whether I make anything or not.

I met a man recently who was having troubles with his AdWords account. For months I helped him for free. He is my friend and I enjoy helping him. I shared with him about results I was getting for another similar business to his and I told him how I was accomplishing the results I was getting. He struggled to make it work and he was getting horrible results with his previous AdWords guy. After a while he asked me if I would do a test for him. If I did better than his previous AdWords guy then he would pay me to manage it instead. In a week I was able to get him 10 leads. The previous month he had only produced 9 leads so he was very, very happy.

I now manage his AdWords account and he pays me $500 a month for the service. I really appreciate him. The point of this little story is you do actually have to be able to deliver on the assistance you have promised to deliver otherwise you are not going to keep the rapport that you have been working to build. Help people for free. It really is the best way to make your business work.