Stop Trying To Sell Your MLM Business

Do you meet people and invite them to look at your MLM presentation immediately?

Do you go through the process of actually asking people questions to get to know them before you instantly try to pitch them? Or has this ever happened to you? Maybe someone on Facebook adds you as a friend, you don’t know them but the first thing they do is say hi I am a recruiter, Here’s my link and then they drone on and on about how great their opportunity is and all the while you are thinking to yourself that it looks like  the most horrible piece of crap that you have ever seen?

As I am sure you have guessed these things don’t work and they make you look like an idiot. The problem with network marketing often is not the opportunity but rather the networker that is doing the presentation to their Grandmother for the 15th time and chasing Uncle Bill around the table begging him to “just take a look.”

How can you recruit if not by just going through tons of people like a spam bot on steroids? You can build rapport and ask questions.

If you and I were sitting across the table from each other right now I would be asking you questions about you. Asking about your life, your dreams, your occupation. I would know a lot about you long before I ever mentioned my business. You might ask about me and I would answer your question and go right back to asking about you. You know why? Because I know you do not care about me or at the very least you don’t care about my business.

If you aren’t asking your prospects questions then how can you know what problems they have? So let’s do this for the next week. get used to asking questions and listening! People will tell you where they are having troubles but you can’t be the one talking if they are going to tell you about their problems. Then when they confide their troubles in you then and only then would you possibly share about your business with them.

What if your business is not the solution for the trouble that you dig up when you are having the conversation with your prospect? Refer them to someone who can help them, for free! If you do that you will have friends all over the world because you helped them.

But when do you get to sell your business? NEVER… Stop trying to sell it. STOP!!! Instead be of help. If you are in a  travel deal you might recommend that they watch the presentation if they mention they haven’t had  a vacation but only if it is the solution to their problem! If you’re in a weight loss deal then you can’t just walk up to people and say “Hey you’re fat, want to try this weight loss pill?” You need to be more subtle and start to listen.

I learned a really cool close for a travel deal the other day. So here’s what I want you to think about for a moment. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? Who would you take with you? What would you do while you were there? What time of year would it be? Would it be warm or cold? Mountains or the beach? What would it be like if you were at your dream location…? Okay, it sound like you’re ready to get started.

See how cool that is for a close? Can you see how it would get the person to imagine the trip? Of course it would work even better in person because they would have seen a presentation and you could tailor your questions to fit their answers and go much deeper into it than I can on this blog post.

This week as you are prospecting ask questions, give up your concern for making a sale. Just serve people. Ask questions and have fun serving people and getting to know them. If your business comes up as a potential solution to a problem they have then great. If not move on to the next person.

Listen so closely you can hear their thoughts… is a great quote and this week while you’re prospecting try to do it! You will find yourself in a whole new territory with your leads!