The Four Hour Work Week | Book Review

Looking at this post you might be wondering what in the heck the Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris has to do with traveling the world. Well I’ll tell ya what…he travels a lot in the book because of his online income sources.

In this book Tim talks about living a lifestyle worth having by setting up automated income sources online and outsourcing projects and work that needs to get done.

I personally love this book.

I am not down to four hours of work per week. Actually quite the contrary. I work a lot right now but setting up systems takes time and as soon as my systems are up and running I can see a day when I am working only about four hours a week because the money comes flowing in whether I am online or not.

Sure I’ll still need to get the photos and the videos that I want to share on this site but then I’ll out source the writing of the content and that will free up a lot of time.

I like how Tim lives his life. It’s almost like he is cheating. He looks for loopholes and exploits them and he shares in this book how you can too. I have several passive income streams that took a while to get set up and the produce a little bit of cash whenever someone either clicks on something or when they purchase something.

So back to the travel portion. What better business to have than something online where you won’t have to be there to make the money?

I have several friends that have made money from selling t-shirts for example. They come up with an idea for the shirt, pay someone on to create a design. They upload the design to a t-shirt selling website and then they promote the T-Shirt design through pay per click ads. Sure it takes some money to get started but one of my friends made over 30k with it.

This is the type of thing that lets you travel the world like Tim Ferris suggests in the Four Hour Work Week. He goes into some detail about how to set things like this up.

You can get his book by clicking here: The Four Hour Work Week

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