Throwing Amazing Traffic At A Bad Offer

This afternoon I was speaking with one of the people in my paid marketing coaching programs and it looks like he may have just landed a pretty large client for himself. He shared with me that the people who are currently managing the Google AdWords PPC ads for this client had been throwing traffic at their website for 3 months and had no conversions.

I asked a few questions about the campaign and I learned that they have a click through rate over 8% but they are only going after one theme of keyword. One theme for a keyword, in this case bowling, is okay if that is all the client does. This client has a gourmet chef on staff just for starters so food promotion might be an okay thing to go after as well!

I had looked at their landing page the night before our conversation and it was obvious why they weren’t getting any results for their campaign. The website is HORRIBLE!

You can drive the best traffic in the world.

You can have someone with their credit card in hand.

Looking for your exact service.

Wanting to do business with you, specifically.

If the landing page sucks so will your conversion rate. Period.

No matter how good the traffic is, if the offer you present and the website you have is bad people will not spend money with you. This is especially the case with cold market traffic, which is what Google and Facebook traffic typically are.

Remarketing is not cold traffic but that is another subject for now.

Your landing page needs some essential elements to help it convert. A nice image for example goes a long way in making your site look professional. You need to have a bold promise called a headline. The ads need to be put in front of the right people. You can use video if you want. Have some bullets for the benefits they get out of putting their email in. Tell your website visitors why they should buy your item over your competitors. Why should the do business with you?

Tell your website visitor how you are going to serve them better than anyone else out there and then fulfill on the service that you’e promised! ¬†You might only be getting a lead at first but you treat your leads like gold. You might be getting a sale. If that is the case make sure they are getting what they ordered and that they are happy with the purchase. No one wants to get bad service! No one wants a product that was not what they expected.

If you are driving traffic to a horrible landing page…. STOP IT! Stop paying for traffic that isn’t converting. Nothing pisses me off more in the marketing world than companies that take people’s money and just throw it at whatever landing page the client has, take their money and leave them with no results for the money they spent!

One of the businesses I run ads for has a mattress company. They are spending 4,000 dollars a month on ads and I manage those ads. It is currently the 3rd of March 2017. We started running ads for them around December 20th and to date they’ve made over 42,000 dollars in revenue! The thing is that that sounds amazing BUT their click cost is too high. I am working to get that click cost down as quickly as I can and we are making adjustments to the landing pages to increase the conversion rate as well.

If your marketing company can’t or won’t make any changes to landing pages for you then you need to find a new marketing company. Conversions happen from a combination of things; Good sales copy, the right audience, the right message for that audience and if those things aren’t in place then they need to be put into place. These things are essential to any successful marketing campaign!