3 Color Street Sales Tips

Are you looking for Color Street Sales Tips?

If you are like most people who join Color Street you probably got very excited and then found that most people you talk to aren’t interested… Maybe you got some sales straight out of the gate but then they faded.

Maybe you’ve talked to every single person you know… Some bought, some didn’t and now you are out of people to talk to.

Well don’t worry!

I got ya!

So first I want to be 100% up front with you, I am not in Color Street and never have been BUT I have sold millions in products online and understand how marketing any product works.

I have also been around network marketing companies for over 20 years so I have picked up a thing or two from my millionaire friends.

So you can listen to me if you want to or ignore my advice but remember…. I have sold millions in products and know I can help you too.

Tip 1: Chill out on the sales talk.

I am going to give you some cold, hard truth… if that is cool, read on. If it is not well… do what you want…

Here is the truth, ya ready?

NO ONE CARES about what you want or need. They only care about their own problems.

That is good news and bad news.

Bad news first, no one wants you to try to sell them so that you can get your commissions but here is the good news.


The key is to be casual in your conversations. Stop the convincing, begging and selling and instead mention your business when you are in a position to help someone.

Like if you see a nice manicure on someone tell them how pretty they are so you can start chatting about nails in a casual way.

You might ask, “How much did that manicure cost?” ” Where did you get them done?” “How long was your appointment to get your nails that pretty?”

This starts to get them talking about all the things they don’t like about getting their nails done. Then you just mention yours only take like 5 minutes and you never have a mess. They mention they love having their nails done but don’t have time to get them done very often… you say, “Yeah I understand that… I found a fast way to get a great manicure at half the cost, if you ever care to know about it I would be happy to share, but for now what do you do for work?”

That last part I got from the Great Big Al, Schrieter. Big Al is an old school mlm guy who always dropped a benefit then walked away. Why? So they would chase him!

Tip 2: Don’t Go For A Sale Right Away, Get Them Into Your Email List Or Into A Group

Everyone tries to get people to join their team straight out of the gate. There are two theories on this… one is go straight for the throat and ask for the sale or if they are open to joining your team.

I don’t like either option. One is straight up spam no matter how many times you’re told it isn’t. The other is sleazy and makes you feel slimy when you make friends to get their money later.

I like to do what I call building business rapport. I find out their problems and then I ask if they’ve tried different ways to solve the problem. In the nail polish world it would look something like this…

You: Wow! Nice nails!

Prospect: Thanks! They’re chipped though, I need to go get them done again.

You: Do you get them done professionally?

Them: Yeah it is expensive but I like to have them looking nice.

You: Have you ever tried a cheaper place?

Them: Yes but they never look as good.

You: I found an alternative to getting my nails done at a salon. I’d be happy to give you some to try and see if you like them.

See how this was a subtle business conversation that did not involve high pressure sales of any kind? You just mention you have something they can try while you help trouble shoot their problems.

Tip#3 Stop Selling Nail Polish, That Is Boring!

Since everyone is selling nail polish what if you teamed up with a local salon and pampered the hell out of the women? You might not even sell it to the woman… what if you sold at home pampering kits for Anniversaries or Birthdays or Valentines day to a husband desperate for something his wife or girlfriend would want?

Of course it would include ColorStreet Nail polish in the kit.
You could team up with a local massage therapist and sell a full massage, facial and nail treatment using the ColorStreet nail polish.

She buys the deal from you and you pay the massage therapist to perform her job and you do the nails portion and send her home with additional nails for later.

In the end it is the offer that your customer really wants… not just some pretty nails. They want to feel good about how they look and they want to feel sexy. Make that happen for them.


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