Three Fun Bars To Take A First Date In Austin Texas

Dating in Austin can be a really fun experience when you know some great places to take the women out to.

Most guys will take women to a coffee or to a movie, maybe dinner and in some places that may be all there is to do but not in Austin!

There is a ton of stuff to do that involves getting drinks and food and activitites,

One big mistake a lot of guys make is spending too much money on a girl for the first date to try to impress her!

Instead you want to get the girl to make the effort to impress you! Another key thing that I will briefly mention here is that you can amke a date so much more fun by creating a cool context for the date.

During covid, I took a girl to a Mexican restaurant. The context was a weekend on the beach in Mexico. I brought squirt guns, a small beach ball and treated the whole date like we were on the beach in Mexico, even though we were stuck in Colorado at the time and unable to travel due to restrictions.

Set up a fun context for vampire night or a super hero evening and then play all night! Another really easy thing to do is put on a fake accent that only you and her know is fake and then talk to people that way all night long!

Now let's jump into where to bring your spicy seniorita for an evening of silliness that could lead to some fun in the bedroom!


My Personal Favorite Place, Pete's Piano Bar on Dirty 6

I know... dirty 6 is probably the worst place in Austin to bring a woman on the first date but Pete's Piano Bar is a gem.

If you are gonna bring a woman here on your first date be prepared to just sing along and dance to the piano. Give the piano players a nice tip and have them play a song of your choice.

Pete's piano bar is typically a high energy, fun, friendly crowd of people and the staff there are super cool.

The bar right by the entrance there allows for fast drinks and the waitresses that come around are pretty great at taking care of the crowds that come in.

While it looks like a place that wouldn't have drinks like an espresso martini, they do have high quality drinks or a shot of whiskey, too.

If you can get up on the stage and entertain the crowd with the piano player's permission you will have a great time at Pete's.

There is a picture booth back by the bathrooms and an up stair area where you can get a little more quiet, talk a little and be somewhat alone as well.

That said, do not stay there all night!


The Game Of Thrones Speak Easy, In The Back Of Kung Fu Saloon on West 6th Street

Again not a great place to spend a lot of time talking but a cool little gem to bounce in and out of.

It used to be a Goonies theme's speakeasy but now it is Game of Thrones Themed.

Head into Kung Fu Saloon and go toward the bathrooms. There is a door that looks like it leads outside but it actually goes into a smaller Game of Thrones themed bar.

There is an Iron Throne and a Dragon head in there that are perfect for selfies and to take sexy pics of your first date together.

This is perfect for a medieval themed date.

Wunderbar then Sommersault In The Domain

When you are on a date you want it ot be high energy and fun and then laid back and chill. These two palces in the domain are a great combo to do together!

First, I would take the girl to Wunderbar. Get some selfies in the secret room behind the Mona Lisa Picture, then grab a drink and spin the wheel for a prize. As long as the wheel doesn't kick you out you can get some cool stuff including sex toys and lube which could come in handy for later in the evening if you play your cards right with some women.

There is a man with a leaf over his "Junk" in there too, if she looks under the leaf she will show up on the big screen, you can play that how you want to... I personally like to see if I can get them to look and be a bit naughty. This is a great break in rapport with the right girl, especially if she has never been there before.

Next, go for a little walk up the street to the Park restaurant, walk through their outdoor eating area and there is a nice cozy little spot called summersault. They have a great intimate atmosphere, dim lights and incredible, unique jello shots.

This place comes off as a bit more romantic without being a super romantic date.

The music is pretty mellow in here and it is a great place to spend some time in a more quiet environment getting to know each other.

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