Three Austin Facebook Groups To Meet High Quality Single Women

Whether you are brand new to Austin or if you have been here awhile there are some great Facebook groups to meet beautiful women here.

While there are plenty of bars and other fun things to do in Austin many of these places are extremely hard for some guys to go meet random strangers.

The reason I am recommending the groups I am about to share is because they are not focused on dating.

Dating groups tend to have women who are great to hang out with and they may be people you want to date, however by being in the group you are broadcasting that you are open to dating.

Psychologically this puts you at a disadvantage with the women from the very beginning.

They are wondering what is wrong with this guy or why is this guy single from the very start.

So let's chat about a few groups where you can meet high quality women right here in Austin, Texas but before we do keep in mind that these are not dating groups and it is actually better to go into these groups with the intention of making friends with people.

By making friends and not hitting on all of the women in the group you will be able to get into a lot more social groups and turn the women you meet outside of the groups into potential dating partners.


Austin Social Scene A.S.S. (Extra Peachy)

A.S.S. is one of the most fun groups in Austin.

It has over 11,000 people in it. Many of the attendees of this group are men but there are also some lovely ladies in here too.

Again DO NOT HIT ON THE WOMEN IN THE GROUP! This is not a dating group and you will quickly get a reputation within the active members as someone to avoid if you are hitting on all the women within this lovely group.

Instead go in with an attitude of wanting to meet people, men and women and just have fun at their events.

This group does a lot of fun things together, including; house parties, anime nights, paddle boarding, karaoke, and bowling to name just a few. They also have singles events and that is a way for singles to meet up when they are ready to get some attention.

It is also a lot of fun to walk around asking people in the venue if they are in A.S.S. The looks are hysterical when they are not part of A.S.S.

Join their Facebook page here:


New To Austin

The New To Austin Facebook page is a more established group and the owner of this group, Matt Winters has been around Austin organizing huge groups for years and years.

This group can be a bit more professional than the A.S.S. group but they also host several fun events where you can not only meet high quality women but you can also meet potential business contacts.

Again, the thing to do is to meet people in the groups, have a great time and do not focus on dating. Instead focus on contributing to the event at hand and making sure you and other people have a great time.

This group has events like concerts, business networking events and comedy shows to attend.

You can Join the New To Austin group here:

Bashh Big Ass Social Happy Hour

Another well know group in Austin is B.A.S.H.H. B.A.S.H.H. is a great professional environment. This is a networking and business community but is another great way to meet high quality women, right here in Austin. There is nothing better than meeting a great looking woman with her shit together!

In this environment you want to meet people, build connections and meet people outside of the monthly events. This is not really a Facebook group, per say but they do have a Facebook page where you can track their events and attend them. Many of the women in this group are very successful and single but again friends first and if it develops into more then great!


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