Being Attractive As A Man Is Not Just About How You Look

As guys we see a woman and we instantly know we are attracted or we are not but women are not the same as men!

Women are not as attracted to looks as men are but that does not mean that looks do not matter. Women do have physical attraction as well as mental attraction so we need to account for both to be optimally attractive to women.

I Am Not A Fan Of Just Talk, We Have To Take Action

So before I get into each of the ways to improve your attractiveness, I need an agreement from you to put it into action. If you read on, you must do what I suggest. I will not ask anything of you ever that is illegal or immoral. I just want you to start getting results with the women in your life that you want to date. Deal? This is the honor system but frankly it won't matter. If you read on you will get book knowledge with no nookie and you will end up with your junk in your hand one more time and start thinking about how maybe, just maybe you should have taken action on this post.... So let's begin.

Step One To Improve Your Physical Features. Style Your Hair.

Dude, listen up... if you roll out of bed and throw some water in your hair then just leave for the day you are gonna look bad. If you want to attract women look at how much effor they put into looking good, you do not have to do half that to get attention but you have to do something.


Your hair stlye can drastically affect the way you look and how you are perceived.

If you are starting to lose your hair, if it is thinning and you are pretending that it is fine or if you still are hanging onto that 80's mullet even though the top was gone long ago, shave your head. It looks better to be intentionally bald than pretending to have long hair.

I remember a guy years ago, in my martial arts class who did a magnificient combover. He was a black guy, his hair was very long and he wrapped it up to appear as if he just had short hair. It looked good until one day it fell off his head in a sparring match!

Then we learned that he was bald and frankly, he looked way better bald than he did with hair and to this day he still rocks the blad look, which makes him look more distinguished.

As for the guys with hair, get outta bed and wash and style it every single day. Put product in it. Make it look good. Women will love the effort you put into your grooming but here is something you probably never considered, women see your hair as a big red flag when you do not style it. Why? Because it tells them you can not take care of yourself!


Action step to take: Schedule a haircut and style at a real salon. Tell the hair stylist that you want her opinion on what will make you and your face the most attractive it can be. Hair can highlight certain features we have and hair stylist know how to make you look good. Many will ask what you want and ask for direction, don't give them much. Discuss what you think will look good with her and then ask her what she thinks will look good.

When I did this the attention I got from women went through the roof immediately.

Step Two To Improve Your Physical Features, Get Cologne

No matter how good you look, if you stink women will be running for the hills from you. No woman likes a stinky ass dude and if theya re gonna stick your D in their mouth they do not want to be gagging on the smell of body odor emitting from your pits. This is something I struggled with personally for a really long time and could never get it right. Somedays I smelled like a bar of soap, some days I smelled like my Grandpa.

So eventually I decided that I needed to get some help. I went to a shop for cologne only and I asked the woman in there to recommend a great smell for me. I would not ask a guy about this, you need a woman's opinion.

If you need to take a woman with you to the cologne store do it because as your smell improves, even women who were not previously interested are going to want to be closer to you because you smell good. Women being closer increases touch, touch increases dopamine and oxytocin. The more often you touch the more attracted she will be to you. Smelling good is a great way to increase the amount of women who will get close to you, so get some cologne. If you want my personal brands that I use, that women go nuts for, click here, it will open Facebook messenger and send me a message.

Step Three To Improve Your Physical Features, Start Losing Weight

This one I saved for last because it is the hardest to do but if you really want to get the highest quality women, losing weight will help a lot.

I personally lost 100lbs so I know first and how hard it can be but by just taking the actions to lose weight, even when you do not feel like it and the weight will come off.

I can hear you screaming excuses right now, I have them too...

genetics, the whole paternal side of my family is over weight.

Thyroid, yep I am hypothyroid too.

I am prediabetic as well from bad diet.

I don't like to exercise either and it hurts to do so, still move my body any way even when it is just some movement it will increase your health.

I once saw a video where a 600 pound man lost weight, he started just by moving his arms as much as he could throughout the day.

Eating better foods, lowering carbs will drop weight, that has been proven the question is do you want to get a hot girlfriend or are you more interested in eating that bowl of pasta? No judgment, you do what ever you want I just know my choice and it is always a hot woman over a bowl of pasta.

If you are really committed to losing weight with less effort I do have something that has helped me. Ping me and let's talk about what your goals are and if what I have will help you then I will send you the link to try it out for a month. Message me here and just type 'weight loss' and we can chat about what is best for your weight loss journey.

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