5 Ways To Improve Your Network Marketing Skills

1. Increase your rank to the next level

Nothing will make you better at your business than taking action and getting yourself to the next rank advancement. Obviously if you are following your upline’s advice that may not be going very well so you will need people who really know what they are doing to guide you through the process. Even the best mentor in the world can’t help you if you aren’t moving though. Can’t steer a ship that won’t leave the harbor after all.

2. Find a mentor who can help you with your downline and provide motivation

Finding a mentor in your business who actually know what they are doing is not too tough but if you just listen to your broke friend who got you into the company or if you just listen to the company training you will go broke in this business. The fact is there are a lot of great trainers out there who have actually built these businesses and help people who are struggling just like you. My frine Kim Klaver is one of them and I can happily point you toward some of her content if it would help you build your business. Take a look at this video she did and if you want more from Kim then join my email list over at benjaminnewcomb.com

3. Get motivated by reading books on success in network marketing

If you have been to any network marketing trainings you have probably heard; Leaders are Readers. Find books that will help you learn how the pros actually build their business. I personally like the book Go Pro by Eric Worre

There are a lot of great books out there though and I highly recommend getting books on marketing, influence and attraction to help you with your business. Oddly many pick up artists and negotiation trainings will help network marketers with their businesses.

4. Set goals and then take small steps to achieve them

Baby steps to your goals will get you there. Often people get so overwhelmed with trying to do too much in their businesses and they get rejection after rejection. Set up small networking events and grow your social circles quickly but in bite sized chunks that you can really manage easily.

5. Attend conferences, conventions, or other networking events for inspiration and new ideas

Attending your company events and non company events are great ways to expand your social circles and find a lot of new prospects to have conversations with. There are so many places to meet people to talk to but none of them are in your house so get out and meet new people or you will quickly run dry on leads!

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