A Great Place For A Date In The Domain, In Austin Texas

I have been going out in the domain a lot recently and there is a small circuit that we go through every time.

We typically start with Somersault. Located in the Park restaurant this is a nice little spot to start the evening. The Jello shots there are typically very unique and I highly recommend giving them a try but Somersault is not the place I want to talk with you about today.

After we are done over at Somersault my friends and I head over to Wonderbar.


Wonderbar is located at 11500 Rock Rose Ave suite d, Austin, TX 78758.

The Good Parts

The drinks are pretty good at Wonderbar and the service is pretty fast, especially for a Friday or Saturday night. The staff hustles hard to get those drinks out.

When you buy certain drinks from their menu you get a little token to spin a prize wheel.

The wheel has a lot of fun prizes to win. Lube, sex toys, more alcohol and very little downside... the downside being it is possible to get kicked out of the bar when spinning the wheel.

There are a couple fun photo opportunities that switch up each month as well. These include the outside area, a room just off to the left of the front door, and a secret hidden room behind the Mona Lisa painting.

These fun little areas give you the opportunity to chat with the woman you are hanging out with and get close for photo opportunities. The prize wheel is great for little opportunities to start talking about sex and preferences and may even lead to the bedroom near the end of the night if you play your cards right and escalate properly with these little cues.

This little place has a lot of fun, small little things to do and ways to play inside of the environment that make it, at the very least, an interesting opportunity, especially if the woman you are taking out has never been in the Domain before.

The swapping decor also means that each month there are new photo opportunites that are presented so this bar never gets too stale.

The Bad Parts

While there aren't too many downsides there are a few.

For one, this bar is wildly popular so you may be waiting for a little while to get the photo opps in but this is a good time to chat with the woman you're with.

They also have an annoying dress code.

No Sandles, no shorts that they deem inappropriate for their bar...

I find these things to be minor annoyances. The fact is if you are bringing a date out you probably aren't going to be wearing this type of clothing BUT if you are they may not let ya in.

I personally find this aspect of the bar to be ridiculous. This is Austin Texas where tempratures were around 105 degrees all summer, this year. Everyone should have been wearing shorts and sandles! It is too hot to look too fancy for any bar in Austin.

I must say that they still let me in even though I was wearing sandals one time though... turns out when you bring 100 of your closest friends with you they do not mind so much and are willing to bend the rules a bit.

Here Is How I Would Make This Date Work

The first thing I would do before the date even begins is set her up to play a game of Alice and Wonderbar. I would tell her that for the evening we shall be going through the looking glass and while everything may seem fairly normal it is far from it on this little adventure that you two shall partake in together.

Before heading to Wonderbar I would take her through the "looking glass" into Somersault which I mentioned earlier. This would set the theme for the evening as you have to walk through the back door of this place and when you go inside and take the fire breathing dragon jello shots you will be transported to a whole other world.

Then when we leave and arrive at Wonderbar a few minutes later I would proclaim that now we are in Wonderland and that she is Alice and that I am the white Rabbit. Why the rabbit? Because rabbits are known for being quite promiscuious!

Next we would grab another drink or two at the bar while I told her of all of the tales of the Wonderbar and how there are many secret passages to explore.

At some point I would take her hand and lead her around the bar to the various attractions building a whole world of fun and adventure in her mind while dropping thoughts of that damn horny bunny into her head. Instead of being the White rabbit I might even bring a stuffed white rabbit that I can make into a prop and the white rabbit would have all the bad ideas... horny little bunny!

So over the evening I would have a lot of fun playing with her, making her laugh and being silly and fun. The environment lends itself to touching each other and the monthly theme adds context to what could otherwise be a boring date, just like everything else she has ever done.

Now this may sound silly to you but I promise if you play with a woman like this and make her laugh you will get a second date and it is likely you will enjoy an evening where the role playing continues in more secluded fun places.


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