Adam Lyons - ACE Formula, A Review

Since you found this blog post I would guess you are looking for some info on Adam Lyons' ACE Formula.

I met Adam Lyons a few years back and can honestly say my life has not been the same since.

To tell you about the ACE Formula is to tell you my story over the past few years, I will try to keep it brief and get to the point as much as I can but I also want to make sure I tell you everything worth mentioning about my experience, the good, the bad and the ugly so you can make the best decision you can about whether or not you should take the leap and spend the $9,000 that this program costs. I will tell you right now if you want to skip the review...this was the best money I ever spent in my life. Worth every single last dime, the following is why it has been so worth it to me. Before you jump in though read this post because while it is already obvious that I approve of this product, I can help you get bonuses and personal coaching that the ACE Formula does not normally come with, if you make the decision to purchase it.

Before I Met Adam Lyons

My friend, Dan Rose, of six pack shortcut fame and the author of the book, "The Sex God Method" had been telling me for months I needed to talk to Adam. I was really into a woman who had me firmly stuck in the friend zone. I was a total simp, giving her anything and everything she wanted while getting nothing, not even attention, in return.

I am the first to admit I was pathetic and fortunately will never end up down that path again.

So Dan tells me over and over that I need to meet this guy Adam. I had never heard of him and frankly, didn't think he or anyone else could really help me.

I had spent 10's of thousands of dollars on this girl, found myself acting in pathetic ways and deeply in love, only to end up watching her make out with other guys in front of me.

I hated myself.

I was two hundred pounds overweight. I had a good job but was spending it all on her and something had to change and change it did.

She invited someone along to an event and started ignoring me, I lost my shit and told her off. I even told her I was just gonna kill myself and frankly, I meant it. I was over life and over her.

I never made an attempt but I was done with her. We have barely spoken since that night and will likely never be friends again, though I have seen her a few times here and there I have kept my distance. She can always come to me if she is ever ready to forgive that night.

Fast forward about a year and I am in Colorado, found an amazing woman but had also learned my lesson about giving too much money but had not learned to not give too much attention.

It never got bad with this girl except for one night where we got into an argument and stopped talking to each other for about two weeks and during this time was when I met Adam Lyons.

The Day I Met Adam

I was in Austin at my friend Curt Maly's Event, "The Belt Method" when this guy walks in with a woman. They sit down next to me and I learn this is the man I have heard so much about. Maybe it was fate?

I  make some small talk but he clearly didn't really care to talk much with me. He mostly ignored my existence all weekend but he invited the whole group out to an event he was hosting a few days later, which I attended.

During this event I shared how I was about to lose a friend that I had for 20 years because I wanted to date and she didn't.

Adam gave me advice that day that would change my dating life, forever.

He explained brain chemicals and how when a man does something for a woman it makes us fall more and more in love with the woman BUT it has no effect on the woman at all!

I was freaking blown away.

He explained what actually works is to have the woman do things for me and then they actually get the brain chemicals that make them fall in love! He explained that love, is in fact not an emotion. It is a brain chemical called oxytocin and the more a man triggers oxytocin in a woman the more she will love him.

He also explained that a man can make friends with women and those friends by proxy automatically make him more attractive to other women. A concept called pre-selection.

The ACE Formula

Adam told me that day that the ACE Formula would solve all my dating problems for $7,000, at the time.

$7,000 was out of my reach during that time but I knew I needed to do this program. If he gave me the help, insight and advice that he did for free, I knew I had to pay this man for the insights he could provide and pay him I did.

I joined everything he offered for the past several years.

The have done the ACE Formula twice!

What's In The ACE Formula?

Adam told me that day that the ACE Formula would solve all my dating problems for $7,000, at the time.

$7,000 was out of my reach during that time but I knew I needed to do this program. If he gave me the help, insight and advice that he did for free, I knew I had to pay this man for the insights he could provide and pay him I did.

I joined everything he offered for the past several years.

I have done the ACE Formula twice and it was worth it both times!


Here is how it is laid out and what is in it, first you get an email from Eve Lyons that explains the whole thing and how to use it. The ACE Formula is on Trello in a series of videos and the coaching is managed through slack. The videos are incredible and the coaches are even better.

The lay out is a systematic approach to learn dating skills. It starts with simple small tasks to do each day and gradually builds on them and the coaches guide you through and give advice on any challenges the student may have.

I personally felt the set up was a little weak for the price of the course at first but the content was great nontheless.

I like Trello, I hate slack.

The process that you go through though is pretty simple and helps with everything in dating that really matters.

It Starts With Abundance And Basic Social Skills

One thing Adam Lyons is well known for is having a lot of women around him all the time. He once brought 500 women with him to the nightclubs in London for his birthday. Did he sleep with all of them? Likely not but since he has been with over 2,000 women it is very likley a large number of those women were in his bed at some point during their relationship, whether it was a s friends or as lovers.

The abundance modules helped me a lot. I stopped trying to sleep with evey woman I was attracted to and started building up circles of them who hang out with me on a fairly regualr basis. This triggers a concept called preselection and is the main factor that Adam teaches how to acquire to raise attractiveness as a man.

Adam also shares 10 qualities a man should have to be attractive and how by raising each of these areas in life women will want to spend more and more time with you.

Just this one thing has helped me date and sleep with around 30 women in the past 2 years.

After The Basic Social Skills, You Gain Confidence

Adam explains that people are confident in various areas of their life because they have experience in those areas. Through a series of videos Adam shares how confidence is created through practicing talking to women, practicing leading the situations and more. There is a very funny story int here about how Adam once slept with Jackie Chan's Niece too!

Escalation... The Science of Getting Out Of The Friend Zone

Once you have an abundance of women around and you have the experience of talking to them and leading, the next step is to move them to a place where you can be alone and turn them on. Adam goes step by step in this process breaking down when to touch women, where to touch them, things to talk about that turn women on and when to push them  away as well as when to pull them close. He even makes sure he covers how to sleep with them multiple times, introduce multiple partners and what to do if your 'equipment' is having failures.

If You Want To Learn More About My Experience With The Ace Formula click the button below and send me a chat through Facebook

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