Atomic Attraction: Book Review

Atomic attraction is a book I ran across on the recommendation of a friend of mine, who is extremely good with women and who is often dating the most gorgeous women I have ever seen.

Needless to say I listen to what he says when it comes to book recommendations and dating advice in general. He was trained, with me, by Adam Lyons. He is at least 10 years older than I am and is consistently dating young, beautiful women.


So, I picked up this book to see what all the hub bub was about and over all I found it pretty good.

What I liked about Atomic Attraction

Overall, I really liked this book's recommendations on how to avoid being perceived as the nice guy floor mat that women detest.

He is very big on keeping the view that women should not be put on a pedestal and has plenty of thoughts on how to be attractive, which is backed up by studies done, which he sites in the book.

Some of my main take aways are when to walk away and when to have a conversation to sort things out with the girl you are talking to.

He gives a lot of examples of things not to do as well.

Things like not giving women too much validation or attention, if they are not reciprocating, are all very important things, that many, many men need to learn before they chase the women in their lives, out of their lives.

I do not believe in chasing women, at all. I think it is the worst thing you can do to be attractive. Attraction pulls people to you, so you don't have to chase people down to see if they want to give you attention, which is a very needy behavior.

What I did not like about Atomic Attraction

Overall, I do not disagree with too many things in the book however there were a few things that this book and many other guys who give dating advice that I very much disagree with.

One thing I disagree with is just walking away from women who want to stay friends. I personally love to be friends with women and if you can keep your creepy stalker under control, get she doesn't want to date you and you can form a genuine friendship with women then those women will help you meet other women who might want to date you.

Cutting the friendship off, especially when you are close to someone, is a stupid idea.

Pulling back and breaking the friendship a bit is healthy but completely destroying it is a very, very stupid idea.

It just builds resentment and makes you a complete douche. Women don't owe us a thing, so be cool no matter how they act.

Atomic attraction, does not use social circle game, which is what I learned from Adam Lyons. Adam is the best there is at dating, so I follow his advice, in every situation but will supplement it with things I have learned from other dating coaches and books, such as Atomic Attraction.

Highly recommend reading this book, especially if you are always getting stuck int he friend zone and you aren't sure what the hell you are doing wrong. There will be insights in there that will help.


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