Attracting The Highest Quality Prospects

One word… Familiarity.

Interest and curiosity come when someone recognizes you and decide they want to know more about you for one reason of another.

Whenever I go into a new environment I tend to be quite shy. I am an introvert, I guess. I do like people but until I am familiar with them I stay very reserved.

Ads work the same way.

Most people do not click on your ad and immediately buy your product. Nope. They become familiar with you first.

Cold traffic to brand new audiences is the hardest traffic to get a sale from because they do not know you. They do not trust you and they do not like you.

If you just show up every day to the same place, over time, you will get to know a lot of people.

It starts with one person. They may introduce you to someone of influence who then introduces you to everyone.

Happens for me everywhere I go.

Starbucks… My local barista’s know me.

A local bar… the waitstaff, bartenders and security know me and introduce me to all the new employees too.

The gym… I know all of the employees and several of the members.

The hot tub at my apartment… I know almost everyone who soaks in it.

The weird thing is I rarely start the conversations.

I meet some extroverted person who is super friendly and they introduce me to every single person they know and all of a sudden I have a whole new social circle.

I met around 10 new people this week by soaking in the hot tub at my apartment.

This may seem like lame advice but if you put yourself into the right environments consistently you will find that you have very influential friends all over the world with almost no effort of your own and those people can blow up your income and influence, quickly.

Try it.

Decide who you want to meet and learn where they hang out in your city. Then go there and start making friends.

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