Breaking Rapport

If you want to generate attraction with a woman, you have to break rapport but what in the world does that even mean?

Well first before we can break rapport we first need to understand what rapport is. Rapport is, essentially a feeling of connectedness between two people. Breaking rapport is stressing that connectedness, just a little.

Rapport building builds comfort, breaking rapport makes the person, just a little uncomfortable.

It is a lot like when you are hanging out with your buddies and you give them a little shit.

Telling your bro how bad you whooped him at a video game or making him laugh with a joke... now do that with women.

Women do not respect a people pleasing pussy. They want a dominate man, who pushes boundaries.

If you're always doing what she wants, and being nice.... you are building rapport. This is what causes you to walk your ass straight to the friendzone.

See, what I did there? I just broke rapport with you, the reader, just a little bit.

People who get offended will leave, people who liked it will stay and they will get value from what I am sharing in this post.



Physical Breaks In Rapport

You can break rapport in a number of different ways.

In many ways a break in rapport works similar to the way a 'neg' does.

A break in rapport is not a neg and is not a reccommended practice these days but in all reality, they still work well.

A neg, if you don't know, was a way to lower a woman's status, in her mind and put yourself on a bit higher level.

It pushed her away, made her thing you weren't interested and lowered defenses.

A break in rapport, works the same way, to an extent but doesn't neccesarily make her feel bad, like a neg does.

A break in rapport is more like being fun and silly. Treating her like she is your bratty little sister.

A phyiscal break in rapport, is often a touch or body language technique that makes her just a little uncomfortable.

Prolonged eye contact, but with a smile and a cocked head.

We are not talking slapping her ass or forcing a kiss here, we are talking rolled eyes and making fun of something silly she does.

Body Language Break In Rapport

Another way to break rapport beyond verbal is using your body language to flirt.

A goofy eye flutter. An overexaggeratted eye roll and a playful oh my god. Shit like that goes a long way to building attraction.

Most guys are unwilling to do that sort of thing and they end up in the friend zone, never to see a naked woman again... it gets worse the more you like  the woman, for most men.

The more attracted they are the harder it is for most guys to stop trying to look cool and mess with a hottie and the less they mess with the lady, the less the women is attracted.

Attraction is light and fun, not heavy and serious.


More later...

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