Create A Screw You Fund

Earlier today I wrote an email to you all that didn’t really get opened… there is some good stuff in there but I realized it is not what you really need, even if it was cool stuff that would make a difference at some point.
I also realized that you don’t really need a lot of marketing knowledge either.
As I understand it you need some extra income coming into your life.
You need some money to pay your light bill. or maybe put kids through college, maybe pay off some debts.
Many of you have side businesses and maybe you’ve given up on them to some extent or you are really digging into more and more training and trying things out only to get rejected over and over again.
Part of that rejection is the way your viewed by your social groups and some could be the way your business is viewed by your social groups.
You probably post all day long on your timeline, never getting a sale, unable to build a team.
What is really frustrating is when you call everyone you know and everyone says no except one person. You GOT ONE!!! but then you get your check.. $10 for all your frustration and prospecting.
Then some guru tells you to go message people through Facebook messenger. All of a sudden you are getting spam complaints and you are in Facebook jail for the night.
Not sure what to do and no one’s advice seems to work.
You have freaking bills to pay and your frustration mounts and you get more and more emotional…
Maybe you have a job… maybe you don’t but you do have bills and you know you need a change and your job is not enough… or maybe… just maybe you hate being forced to do your job every day. Wouldn’t you rather be home with your kids or doing what you want?
I know what that is like.. I was once couch surfing.
I had to borrow money to get by.
I always felt in debt to everyone who helped me and they made demands on me to do things I hated.
I needed to stop taking hand outs and get out from under their thumbs. I would not be told what to do.
At one point I had a conversation with my wife (at the time) and we decided to work it all out on our own. Maybe you are already there. Maybe you are better off than I was.
It is time to start developing a screw you fund.
In the book, “The Richest  Man in Babylon” the author says that you should save the first 10% of all of your income. Save 6 months to a year of living expenses and leave it alone. That money is your screw you fund.
It will allow you to walk away from anything you are doing with no major consequences for as long as you have the money set aside. Hate your job, walk away to find another one and use your screw you fund to make sure you are okay. That first 10% can also be used for investments.
Look I get it… You have got to be thinking, I can’t save the first 10% of my income… I have bills to pay!
The bills are going to be there, they aren’t going anywhere. You will want to ruthlessly blow off your bills in favor of keeping your first 10%. It will force you to get creative on ways you can make that deficit up. It will force you to develop new skills, new ways to find money. You may need to get a second job in the meantime. No matter what save that first 10%.
This is the start of the path and after a few months you won’t even notice the 10% is gone.
You will start to have an abundant mind set because you will have money available. You will feel more confident in your ability to leave any bad situation you want to leave. There is something strange that happens when money is always around… more shows up whenever you need it.
Start today… if you can’t do 10% do 5% or 1% but put money aside until you have at least 6 months living expenses put aside.
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