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How To Meet, Connect And Talk To Women On Dating Apps To Get More Dates, Great Conversations And Have More "Fun"!

Dude, I now what it is like to struggle on dating apps.

It sucks!

When I first got on the apps I just wasn't getting any matches. I would change my bio over and over. Try new pictures, edit the pictures, anything I could think of to get matches. Not MORE matches, any matches!

After I finally started to get matches the women would just disappear from the conversations and leave me wondering what I had done wrong.

After some trial and error, I finally I started having some good chats with women and I would ask them out. Go at he appointed time and then they wouldn't show up, leaving me sitting at the restaurant alone!

I knew there had to be another way.

So I started looking for help and I ran across this guy, Adam Lyons.

Adam was ranked the number 1 dating coach in the world, 3x and he started teaching me some things about women and dating and more importantly, dating apps!

I started to do exactly what he told me and all of a sudden I got match after match after match!

I couldn't believe my eyes as more and more women were flooding my inbox and these women started sharing personal things with me.

It actually got completely out of hand. I was going on 2 dates a day after a very short period. I had to keep a spreadsheet of the women I was seeing and then I still couldn't remember everything we talked about on the apps so I decided to only date 3 to 5 girls at once until I found a woman I really wanted to be with.

As of right now I am still dating 3 to 5 women at a time, still looking for the one I want to be with but for now this is a lot of fun.

I decided to put together a series of emails that explain the changes I made to my profile and the things I talk to these lovely women about that get them excited to meet up with me.

Look, I do not know if this will work for you or not. I don't know you but if you are at least okay having a normal chat with another human being then this could be what you are looking for to change your dating experience altogether.

If you go through this series of emails and you implement everything I tell you and still do not get matches, reach out to me and I will personally help you with your profile.

Before that happens though, grab this email series that explains step by step what I did, make the changes to your profile and your conversations. Here is what you get when you make the decision today to change your dating life with my course:

In this email course you will learn a step by step system to get more dates on the dating apps, like Tinder, Bumble, Hinge or any other app you apply it to.

Here is what you'll get:

  • Instructions for setting up your Dating app profile
  • What to say in the about me sections so only the right women respond
  • The best swiping method to make sure the algorithm doesn't shadow ban your profile
  • How to open a conversation in the app so they are more likely to respond. "Hey' or 'hello" is not enough any more
  • The three topics to talk to any girl about to build rapid rapport and the 2 to avoid unless you want her to ghost you.
  • How to switch seamlessly to more sexual conversations that she will love to take part in
  • How and when to send a pic of your "D' (No it is not what you think)
  • How to move the conversation on the app to a live date.
  • How to create date ideas women will absolutely love and show up for.
  • The one text to send in the morning to make sure you never get stood up again

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  • How To Talk To Women On Dating Apps To Get More Dates, Have More Fun And Get More Nookie

    How to set up your dating apps for success The first things to say to a woman when you match How to get her out on a date How to have interesting fun filled conversations that lead to mind blowing dates. A simple conversation about family that will get her excited to meet you in person.
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