(Gold Inside) Why Getting A No Is Better Than A Yes

In this letter I will be giving you GOLD, if you have the ears to hear what I am about to say.
When anyone asks for something they are looking to get a yes out of you.
As we go around talking to people on Facebook or in our emails or videos promoting something we are constantly looking for that on wonderful word…. “Yes”
However, what if that is the hardest word to get and there was an easier way to get from someone that would still ensure getting a sale?
See the word Yes brings up defenses.
Someone walks up to you on the street and asks if you care about clean water… instantly defenses go up. They want a yes and a donation most likely.
You walk into a mall store and the sales person says is there something I can help you with… instantly we know they want that yes from us so they can get our hard earned money. We say no so we don’t have to deal with further attempts to get a yes.
However, the word no is comfortable to say. It is easy. Anyone who wants something we tell them no and move away from them as quickly as we can.
Especially in Facebook messenger these days… Every spammer out there has a pitch and wants to shove it down our throats the moment you say hello to them.
So what do we do that is different?
We attempt to get people to say no but in a way that agrees with us!
People easily tell other people no they do not want what we have when we use words in a manner that makes it easy for them to say no while gaining agreement.
Here is an easy way to get permission to chat with someone in their messenger.
First, start a conversation in the comments section of a Facebook group. Build a little rapport by helping them with a problem they mentioned or by discussing common interests in the comments of a post.
After you’ve had a good conversation, you might say, is it a crazy thought to connect here on Facebook so we can keep in touch? If you have built rapport you will get a no… No it is not a crazy thought I would love to connect… see how a no slides under the radar?
If you go for a yes in this situation they wonder why you would want to stay in touch. By going for a no you easily get the opportunity to move from random commenter to new friend. Once you are connected you can continue having conversations with them and then you might say something like, “Would it be ridiculous to invite you to join my email list so you can receive daily tips on how to grow your business?”
Once again they say “no” and agree that would be a good idea and you grow your list easily by getting no’s instead of yeses.
Over the years I have learned a lot things like this that have helped me make a lot more money and no one I have met so far has so more knowledge on this than my friend, Diane Hochman.
She sells without selling and is a digital dingbat (Her words not mine) She just does not understand tech at all, however she is masterful at attracting people to her and that skill has made her millions of dollars.
Once a month she does an attraction marketing deep dive where she shares marketing psychology, called the deep abyss. It is the $25 dollars a month and you can join me one Thursday a month on the call.
If at least 10 people make the decision to get this I will put together a mastermind group on Facebook where we can chat about the monthly lessons and talk about how we can apply it to our own marketing and businesses.
Talk to you tomorrow,

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