How Dan Bilzerian Gets All The Beautiful Women

Dan Bilzerian, Adam Lyons, Michael Sartain... each of these men seem to have an unlimited supply of beautiful women around them at any given point in time but how the heck do they do it?

Now I can hear damn near every man out there screaming they have money! Money is the key to living a lifestyle like these guys BUT frankly they are dead wrong.

It is not these men's money that attracts the women. Does it help? Sure it does but it is not why all these women want to be around Dan Bilzerian.

If you think it is all about money then why the heck doesn't Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, two of the richest men in the world, have similar lifestyles?

If you were a multi billionaire wouldn't you have all the women around that you could ever want?

Well, my friend the answer is no, you would not.


What Attracts Women To Dan Bilzerian, If It Isn't His Money?

In a word, preselection.

Preselection is one of the most powerful forces of attraction out there but what the hell is it?

Preselection is a form of social proof, that says if one woman is attracted to you, other women will also be attracted to you!

Now as guys we do not really give a shit if another dude is attracted to a woman but for women attraction works differently than it does in men.

Last night I went out to a dance hall.

As usual, I walk into the bar with not a single woman looking my way but I have a secret weapon of attraction. I have female friends.

Female friends are the key to having an unlimited number of beautiful women in your life.

So why don't most men just make friends with women and set this whole thing up?

Because they are so focused on getting laid that even in the most prolific of pick up artist circles they say do not ever make friends with women.

However, Dan Bilzerian disagrees, he says not to hit on any women ever and to only make friends with them.

I have also found this to be true.

Making female friends certainly has its challenges though and is not an easy task because every woman under the sun thinks you are trying to bang her the moment you say hello.

From Dan Bilzerian's Own Mouth

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