How I Became More Attractive By Losing 100 Pounds Of Fat

Dude... I was nearly 400lbs!

Damn, I was huge and frankly, I am still freaking huge but you know what? Losing 100 pounds of fat sure seemed to make my eyes prettier.

I know because as I lost pound after pound of weight all these ladies kept telling me my eyes were pretty.

Lost 100 pounds and hot damn my eyes were more beautiful than they had been in years apparently.

Turns out when you lose 100 pounds of fat you simply become more attractive than you were.


How did I do it?

I started out drinking a gallon of water per day.

That was it at first.

Then I started working out at the gym. Building muscle helps burn fat.

I took supplements to help burn fat and support my nuttition.

I ate meats and veggies.

Cut out all sugars and unnatural carbs and starchy veggies, like potatos.

Combine all that with intermittent fasting and boom, 10 months later I was down 100l pounds and gained a bunch of muscle too.

Oh yeah, I also danced and drank a lot of beer but only on the weekends.

That is it.

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