How Introverts Network

I am in a restaurant right now.
Cute little place called Old Town, in Bastrop Texas.
I have been in here everyday since I got here and that is what this post is about, Frequency and familiarity.
If you want your business to boom you have simply got to show up outside your home to places where your ideal client hangs out or at least go to a local place everyday and start making friends.
What do they do for fun?
Do they golf in their free time?
Are they in Mom groups that meet regularly in your town?
When you know where your ideal client hangs out then you can go there and hang out with them, meet them, get to know them and add them to your email newsletter or Facebook group.
Truth is if you just show up to these groups, time after time, in person you will start to meet people even if you are completely introverted. Extroverts will ” adopt you and start introducing you to new peopel within the group.
The key here is the frequency.
Frequency build familiarity and once you are familiar with someone’s presence it is a natural progression to have some chats now and again and some of those chats turn into friendships and business relationships.
Is it fast? Nope… but it is reliable.
Can you speed it up?
Holding your own events that position you as a leader in your community can speed up the process.
All you need to do is think of an event that you would like to have and host it. I hosted a BBQ for my apartment complex at my last home.
Why would you want to do this?
The event you hold will position you as a leader in your community and builds social proof which are two of the most powerful things you need for your business. It shows your prospects that people trust you and look to you for leadership.
That is down the road though, right now just go start a hobby.
Talk soon,
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