I Lost 100lbs And My Dating Life Improved Signifcantly

I was 380 pounds at my peak.

I was huge but honestly I didn't even realize how out of control it had all gotten.

I was married at the time.

My wife came to me one day and told me how she was not gonna sit by and watch me die.

I thought she was crazy....

My eating habits consisted of Whataburger breakfast here in Austin, Texas.

Then for lunch I ate some more fastfood.

Dinner... even more fast food.

At one point I was drinking a minimum of two pitchers of Dr. Pepper at every single meal.

I Came Home And She Was Gone

I'll never forget that day.

I went to work and when I came home the whole apartment was empty.

I had 1 bowl, some silverware, my clothing and an air mattress.

The rest... gone.

My soon to be ex-wife had left me. I can't say it was completely without warning but it was still shocking.

She had borrowed money from people to leave me.

I wasn't forcing her to stay but I also didn't know she was that unhappy.

Truth is I was quite unhappy, with the weight of my body and the weight of her dragging me down all the time I had really reached a very low, numb point in my life.

I never imagined her leaving would be one of the best things that ever happened to me!

I Decided To Get Better Work

Shortly after her departure I decided to make a big shift in my life. I decided to go apply at the largest fitness channel on YouTube.

I needed more money and I needed to be in a more positive environment for my health. This was the perfect place for both.

My boss at the time, Dan Rose, invited me multiple times in a row to come work out with him after I started working there.

I said yes every time but didn't show up. Working out hurts after all!

But eventually I would show up and then I went all in. Day after day in the gym.

Eating right.

Eating less.

Intermittent fasting.

I wanted to lose this weight bad.


A woman came into my life who I knew would never be into me as a fat man.

That ultimately ended in failure but not before I was able to lose 100lbs!

As I Lost Weight, My Eyes Got Prettier

As I lost more and more weight I got more and more compliments form women about how pretty my eyes are.

It made me laugh because obviously my blue eyes have always been pretty but more women noticed and mentioned them the more weight I lost.

I also took up dancing during this time frame and as I lost weight women would approach me on the dance floor.

I made out with one girl before I even asked her name!

So while people say your looks do not matter, the truth is it does matter, just not nearly as much as people give credit to the looks.

Meeting Adam Lyons

While I was having a great time meeting women I was very bad a t keeping them around until I met Adam Lyons.

Adam taught me a lot about dating. So much in fact that I have decided to be one of the coaches for his programs.

After meeting Adam I gained some of that weight back and I was still consistently getting women's attention.

Yes losing weight mattered but not nearly as much as a great vibe, laughter and having fun together.

I am working on dropping even more weight again and this time I have Adam Lyons lessons to pair up with that.

Last year... while still chubby but now armed with the knowledge Adam had shared with me I was dating 2 girls a day form dating apps.

It amazed me how easy it was to meet them, talk to them and get them to come out.

Lots of sex and new friendships later I can't wait to be in even better shape!

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