How Preselection And Attraction Work Together To Help You Meet And Date More Women

A few years ago, before I had ever heard of preselection and attraction I didn't understand why I was so darn lost with women. I had no idea what I was doing wrong but women did not seem to want to spend time with me.

Then one day I met a man, named Adam, who explained that preselection was the key to attracting women to me and with preselection I would never have to chase them again!

He said, preselection like it was a word every man should know but at the time I had never heard those word uttered from another human beings mouth before so I had to ask, " What is preselection?"

So Adam graciously explained, preselection is when a woman who does not know you, sees you with a different woman, your attraction level goes up.

He said there is a study done on this where a picture was shown to women. In this picture there was a man by himself. This man's attractiveness by himself was a six in most women's eyes.

Next women where shown the same guy but this time he had two women on his arms. The women who saw this picture rated him an 8 out of 10! So his attractiveness went up by 2 full points simply by having 2 women with him.

That is the power of preselection and attraction.


How To Gain Preselection And Attract More Women

So now that we know preselection and attraction go hand in hand how do we go about causing this powerful phenomenon on purpose?

In a word...


The pick up artist community at large, especially the Red Pill groups would have many men believe that you should never be friends with a woman however the guys who are best with women have more female friends than any of the guys I know who struggle with interaction with women.

Now let's say you do not have female friends, well... do you have a cousin? Sister? Friend's sister? Any women in your life at all?

Because if there is one woman you can bring out that would be willing to help you make friends with other women then you can build preselection super fast.

Okay, okay.. Let's assume you do not know a single woman. For me that is hard to believe but I know it is technically possible so you might have to meet women out in the wild.

So I know I used to think well if I want to meet a woman, I should probably go out to a bar and start talking to them.

Well, let's slow down because that is a terrible place to meet women. Bars are full of good looking women who are being hit on all night by guys who they do not want to talk to so we need another angle, somewhere where we can build preselection and attraction without the competition for the attention.

I personally prefer to meet women doing various hobbies I have. For example, I love to go dancing. I also like to play board games, do martial arts and go to comic conventions.

Some of these activities are not attracting the highest quality women but other activities have a lot of gorgeous women who would love to chat and meet male friends.


Where To Go To Make Friends That Can Lead To Preselection And Attraction

Okay, so now we know that we need to join an activity that is fun and entertaining for us but also has women in it. Let me give you some ideas on what you might try out.

Charities - Charity events often have high quality women that are single and successful

Networking events - Networking events have great women in them. Often they are looking for business connections and if you can make friends with the local women who are great in business then you are likely to be among beautiful women but remember the goal is to only make friends and not to sleep with these lovely ladies, even if they are gorgeous. The last thing you need is a reputation for being the creepy guy at the business event.

Yoga Classes - Look we all know that gorgeous women frequent yoga classes and many men have gone to yoga for the sole purpose of picking up the women there, only to fail, time and time again. This is why if you decide to join a yoga class you are forbidden from sleeping with anyone in that class. The goal is to build preselection and have all of these women telling all their friends how damn great you are.

Comic Cons - This is a great place to meet lovely ladies. Many years ago comic cons were only sweaty guys who loved super heroes but these days they are full of scantily clad women doing their favorite cosplay costumes. Women have come to love the superheroes that men have loved for generations which means these days, finding a woman at a comic book store playing D&D on a Friday night is common and comic cons are full of these ladies who are posting their cosplay pics all over the internet. So meeting women at various cons and becoming friends over this shared interest is easy as pie.

Photography classes - Women love their cameras and the more into photography you are the easier it is to meet them. A lot of women these days are Instagram models and are getting good sized contracts for showing their butts and promoting products.

This isn't the only type of photography they are into though, food photography, nature photography, boudoir and more are common photography subjects popular with the ladies. It will cost some money to get a good camera to take some of these classes but the women are there taking pictures because they love the art of it all.

Now Get Out There And Build That Preselection And Attraction

No amount of reading blog posts is ever going to get you a girl friend man. So get out there in the real world, talk toa  few women a day and just make friends with them. Take the pressure off to go any further than friendship. Just be friends and some of those women are going to want to date you and you will get to pick and choose which ones you prefer.

Ben Newcomb

P.S. I am currently doing workshops where I teach these skills in small zoom rooms. Thye are small groups and inexpensive, If you would like more information you can contact me through Facebook messenger here:

When you clikc the above link it will go to your messenger on Facebook and you will be able to send me a personal message. Let me know what dating questions you have and if I can help you, I will.

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