I often answer questions about dating over on reddit.


These guys are wanna be pick up artists and they are only looking for a one night lay and that is about the worst way to meet great women.


This guy was sharing how he took an hour to work up the courage to approach a woman in the library.


She was friendly, shared what she was working on then he got scared, told her good luck then left.


The problem in this type of scenario is that the guy is so focused on getting laid and how pretty a girl is that he starts acting stupid.


All he had to do is drop his concern for the outcome and get to know her as a person for a little while.


When approaching women, act like they are just a dude you are meeting. If you have no intent to sleep with them they will be relaxed and chill and you can escalate later through breaks in rapport.


I met over 100 women this last year with no concern for whether they were interested in me or not.


Because I am so chill about it many of these women have asked me out.


So the key... Friend zone them first!


Take sex off the table.


This will keep you in a confident state and unconcerned for what she thinks about you.


Add in an abundance of women and the next thing you know women will be doing all the work.


You'll just need to develop 10 traits that women find attractive.

Want to know more about these 10 traits and how to become your most attractive self?

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