How To Find Your Target Market

If you are selling weight loss products you may think you need to get your products in front of fat people but is that right?


You are way the fuck off base if you think that our chubby friends are going to be your best clients.


Fat people buy products that make them fat, like candy and cookies not protein shakes.

I am not trying to beat up on obese people here and some do buy weight loss products to attempt to lose their weight but most people who buy weight loss products are going to be people who already monitor their weight. They make healthy choices already and therefore will also buy products that will keep them thin or help them reach their goals easier.

The people that I know who are in the best shape routinely purchase protein shakes, pre-workout, amino acids and more.

Think about who already purchases your products when you are doing your targeting and target those people.

Quick story…

I used to own a casino in Cripple Creek, Colorado.

There were only a few billboards advertising the casinos all around the major town that is close by but there were around 50 on the short trip up the road into the casino town.

They were not marketing to everyone.

They were marketing only to the people most likely to be gambling in their town any way.

The goal was NOT to get people to come gamble it was to get the people who were already coming to gamble in through the door of the casino.

Want more customers? Put your message in front of people who are already looking to buy your product.


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