I have been watching this gaming streamer on YouTube. Stumbled upon him a few years ago and he is very entertaining to watch. He plays a card game called Hearthstone that Blizzard entertainment released a few years ago and that I play.

I like to watch the strategies and see what I can replicate and see how the cards interact.

He has a pretty good sized following because he streams on Twitch and that is how most people find him. I happened upon him on YouTube and eventually wanted to talk to him about something so I jumped on Twitch to chat about whatever strategy it was at that time.

He promotes his little game business on YouTube and Facebook but his primary money generator is his Twitch channel. People pay to watch this dude play a damn game and he makes money every time they decide to subscribe.

Seems like a pretty cool life but the truth is if he doesn't show up, long enough his cash flow goes away. In a sense he created a new job. He has to play this game whether he wants to or not for hours every single day. Sounds totally gross to me.

However, I get that is a lot better than going to a 9 to 5 job that you hate each and every day.

If he understood marketing better he could actually get more subscribers and really blow his channel up.

I have noticed that most streamers just play the game and maybe they will upload those games to YouTube or Facebook and that is where their promotion stops.

In my opinion, what would be better is if they took their videos, uploaded them to their channels just like they normally do but then put a couple bucks a day behind them in the form of a video discovery ad on YouTube or a video view or boosted post on Facebook.

They have a call to action in every single video to go check them out on Twitch, where they can monetize the views. Why wouldn't they turn that into an ad? Well The streamer I mentioned it to said he didn't want to build his channel that way... truth is he doesn't understand it and wasn't interested in learning, so I let hi do his thing and stopped bothering him about it.

I never chase people who can't see the light in what I share. Totally his choice, his channel and his marketing strategies...

You shouldn't make the same mistake this guy is making, instead, if you want to build an audience on your YouTube channel or on Facebook then put a dollar a day behind your valuable content with discovery ads or video view ads.

If you want more info on stuff like this,  send me your name and email and I'll start sending you my email news letter here: Benjaminnewcomb.com I send out daily emails to help people make more money through their marketing efforts.

It is not for you if you are not an action taker.

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