Is Austin Texas Good For Single Men?

I have lived in Austin for a number of years now and I have met some fantastic women here but is Austin, Texas a good place for single men to find dates or a relationship?

From what I have seen in the dating space here in Austin most of the women are pretty jaded on finding men that are worthwhile.

As with any place the men are looking to get laid and the women are looking for a relationship.

As guys we are also looking for a relationship in a lot of cases we just don't want to settle down with a girl who isn't great for us.

I'll give ya some pros and cons here of the Austin dating market and let you decide for yourself.

Pros of Dating In Austin, Texas

Pro #1 About Dating In Austin Texas: There is an abundance of single women here in Austin and many of them are looking to date a good guy who can really turn them on and not be a damn creeper about it.

The women here are pretty cool, you aren't going to run into a lot of cold hearted bitches who will castrate you for saying, "Hi." here in Austin. I have met over 60 women in the past year in Austin and while they definitely assume that I want to sleep with them at first and have their guard up they are still pretty friendly.

I don't personally believe in going straight into meet and sleep with anyone because frankly, sometimes women can be crazy. While the majority of them are quite awesome the one that's not will burn your house down with you in it if you aren't doing what she wants at the moment... so I filter the women out that I want to be around.

Pro #2 About Dating In Austin Texas: Beautiful Women Everywhere!

Everywhere you go here in Austin you will see beautiful women. The Domain, Barton Creek, West 6th street, East 6th Street, Dirty 6, Rainey Street, Hiking, yoga etc... everywhere has gorgeous women. Many are young women in college at UT Austin but there are some older women around as well.

These beautiful women are highly active socially so they are very easy to meet and make a connection with.

Pro #3 About Dating In Austin Texas: Always Something New To Do Here.

Austin is a great city and as you start meeting women there is a lot that you can do to have fun with the person you meet. I highly recommend seeing the bats fly out from under the Congress Street Bridge, on one of the boat rides that is available. Watching from on top of the bridge is lack luster because they blend in well with the water but from below you can see thousands of bats as they funnel from under the bridge to go on their nightly mosquito hunt.

There is live music everywhere, natural water sources that are great to cool off in and if you have an adventurous lady you can take her to Hippie Hollow for a naked date. I personally don't do that but I know guys who do.


The Cons Of Dating For Men In Austin Texas

Con #1 About Dating In Austin Texas: There is an abundance of single MEN here in Austin too.

Competition for dating in Austin is very high. With the tech industry booming there seem to be a lot more men than women here. If your game is good dating is easy enough but if you aren't the best at talking to women dating is going to be a struggle. The women have their choice of high quality men with good jobs here in Austin and many of these men are also in shape and good looking.

Women will go for a funny guy who makes her feel great over a cute face for the most part but if you can't get past the horde f men who are chasing her you may not get many dates.

Con #2 About Dating In Austin Texas: Drinking is something that is very prevalent in Austin.

I love a good drink as much as the next guy but often meeting women in Austin has an element of drinking involved, even at the best highest class events. If you are not into having a drink while you are out and about you may be hard pressed to find a woman to hang out with for a long time. This also meansit can be hard to hear a woman when you are on a date because of the loud live music in most of the venues that you would be taking her to.

Con #3 About Dating In Austin Texas: Many of the things to do have already been done over and over.

Earlier I mentioned that there is a lot to do here in Austin BUT the problem is if a woman has been here for awhile she has likely done most of it. Creating a unique dating experience can be a bit of a challenge especially of the women has been here for a couple of years.

Something you can do is find unique fun things to do that are outside of the norm and create a little context for the date. Remember the women just want to have fun and have cool experiences so be the fun that you bring to the date and do not rely on the venue to make the experience happen for you.

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