Legal Disclaimer

Legal Disclaimer

All statements on this website regarding earnings, income, effort, and/or your likelihood of success are estimates based upon what our most successful customers have experienced. Expect that you will not do as well as any of them. In fact, most consumers never recoup the amount they spend on our products and services. Your success is determined by many factors, including your desire, dedication, effort, ability to follow directions, personal talent, and consumer demand for the products and/or services in your primary business. These factors are beyond our control.

The endorsements on this site are from actual customers. Their success does not represent your success. None of the endorsers have received any form of compensation for their statements. Most importantly, these endorsers have achieved a significant level of success from having devoted a lot of time and resources in developing their businesses. For each of our endorsers sufficient testing and a converting offer was involved.

We make no guarantees-express or implied-regarding your experiences and results. Running a business involves numerous risks. Do your due diligence before you purchase anything from us. Obtain advice from an attorney, accountant, or other qualified professionals before starting. By purchasing and using our products and services, you are expressly agreeing to assume the risk associated with their use and are agreeing that our company is not responsible for any losses you experience. is primarily an advertising and marketing services company that focuses upon delivering quality media buying from Google and Facebook. Our most successful customers have made many sales before coming to us, whether that is selling nutritional supplements, diet products, or any other endeavor. Information regarding our customer's success is both difficult to quantify and proprietary to their businesses. Consequently, we do no have any empirically valid data indicating the amount profit growth, if any, that our customers achieve from applying our information and techniques to their primary businesses.

This income disclaimer was last updated on 9-29-2021

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