How I Meet New Women And Build Rapport

The other day I was invited to a potluck that turned into one of the most fun evenings I have had in a long time.

The evening was set up to have several women in the room and very few men. I did not set this event up but it is typically a great idea if you want to have a lot of fun at a party to have more women than men at the event.

In fact, if you go to a bar and there are more men than women you may want to leave because in those scenarios fights are a lot more likely to break out.

Men fight over women... so have more women than men and the party will be more fun.

Any way back to the other night...

I was at my friends house and I met new women. As the night went on I got to chatting with each of the women at the potluck.

One even made me a plate of food, which was very kind of her.

I did not hit on any of the women, just chatted with them like you would anyone else under similar circumstances and that is a key to meeting more women, DO NOT HIT ON THEM!

By not hitting on women but making casual friendly conversation they get comfortable talking to you and having fun with you.

The women at this party were so comfortable with me that two of them spent most of the night hanging out with me, touching me and even grabbing my dick.

One also put my hand on her pussy.

So as you can imagine it was a very fun night and the coolest part about it is that it is actually very easy to set up situations like this.


Just invite more women to parties than you invite men and have fun. No need to be overly sexual but get some sexual undertones going.

One thing we did at the party was we broke out a light up hula-hoop. the women all wanted to play with it even though no one in the room was good at hula hooping.

I made a joke about how the host of the party would make all the girls who wanted to sleep with him jump through the hoop and the girls all got up to jump through it!

Obviously, that made for a fun mini event at the party.

Events are key if you want to have an abundance of women ion your life, so set one up, invite a lot of women and have fun! Again, do not try to sleep with any of the women! This is a major pitfall most men would fall into. Women need to be so comfortable with you that they will take their clothes off and not care that you are in the room.

Have fun, be silly. build rapport by making jokes and you'll have a great time at your events.


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