Want To Learn How To Get More Dates With High Quality Women? Here is My Reading List!

My Secret Garden By Nancy Friday dives deep in women's sexual fantasies. Things men would never imagine that a woman is thinking about are all written down in this book of reader submitted stories. Grab it Here

My Secret Garden

There may not be a better story of what women desire in their sex lives than "The Story of O" A story of domination, submission and consentm the story of O is a deep dive into the life of a woman who is fully immersed into a world where she is a submissive woman in a sexual world. This book is not for the faint of heart and must be read witht he full understanding that women want to be dominated in the bedroom BUT ONLY WHEN THEY CONSENT! Grab "The Story Of O" Here

A classic book on picking up women, "The Game" by Neil Strauss dives into the world of pick up artists and how they interact with women to bring them to bed. I do not agree with everything int his book as much has eveolved since the writing of this book but many of the fundamental principles inside of this book still hold true today. Grab "The Game" Here

More To Come!