Networking And Escalation Into Business Relationships

We have all been there before.

We go into a networking event only to have 10 people try to sell us their product or service right then and there and the discomfort of having to tell them no or when they try to convince us can be so annoying.

So how does business happen?

Infiltrating social circles, making friends and building credibility within the group.

If you want to really get sales from networking groups you need to start by building familiarity within a social group.

Here is how I did it in Austin, Belize and Denver.

First, I decided I needed to know who to talk to in each town I was in. Then I simply went to the events that were available, like in Austin, I went to the Internet Marketing Party.

For the first few months I talked to a couple people but for the most part I was a bit of an outcast and no one paid too much attention to me. Then one day I met a woman named Rachel who introduced me to Mikal. Mikal and I got along great from moment one and he quickly introduced me to a lot of people in Austin.

The reason I met Rachel, oddly is because she thought I was one of her employees.

The familiarity drew her to talk to me.

Obviously that doesn’t happen every time but if you just show up over and over and you are always friendly, people will start to get to know you and be curious about who you are.

I am introverted so I hate reaching out for the initial contact. I will however make eye contact with people and say hello and the extraverts tend to start a conversation with me. I’ll build rapport and then we become friends.

I avoid talking about business at first. I want to know who the person is, not get a sale.

The person you are initially talking to is not likely to be the person who buys your stuff but they may know someone who needs what you have to offer. You will never know that if you insist on selling to every single person you meet though.

Just be chill and  patient. Serve people and in time, you will have a flood of people who send you a mountain of referrals.

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