Outsource Your Limitations

I was in the hot tub today chatting with a lady who sells plumbing… she literally said she sells 10,000 dollar bathroom build outs after telling me she sells toilets.

Pretty funny.

For 17 years she has sold plumbing and she is tired of it.

Loves it but no longer wants to do it any more.

I am very fortunate. I do not have to work very hard for the money I produce.

I have a great team of people and you know what?

They don’t have to work very hard for their money either.

The nature of marketing is that most of the heavy lifting is done on the front end. After that, there are a lot of adjustments and management over time.

What parts of your business do you love?

What parts do you hate?

Get someone else to do the stuff you hate, it will make your life easier and happier and you can be way more productive with the stuff you love.

Fill your gaps with other people’s skills and talents that they love to do.

Like in my business I do not like to manage the day to day accounts any more so I simply outsourced the work to another person who does it daily for me. I still watch over it all like a hawk because those numbers need to stay on point or I lose money but he does a great job and I watch a lot of Netflix these days.

I also concentrate on the social media of my business and having sales conversations. Stuff I will outsource soon but for now I enjoy it and it only takes me a few hours per day.

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