Review Of Adam Lyons' Soul Mate Trigger Program

If you have followed my YouTube channel, are on my mailing list, or follow my Tiktok channel then you know my favorite person to learn how to interact with women is Adam Lyons and the soulmate trigger program is no exception to that rule.

That said I do want to give it a fair review with as unbiased of an opinion as I can.

I met Adam at a crucial time in my life and Adam helped me save a friendship of over 20 years and I have learned so much from him over the past 3 years. I can never thank him enough.

I was actually the first person to buy the digital version of the soulmate trigger program. One of my friends, that I know through Adam had gone through the live program and posted on Facebook that he used the soulmate trigger, which peaked my curiosity at the time.

I went to the almighty Google and searched for it and found a landing page for the program in my search, I made the purchase only to find out that it wasn't going to launch until the next day!

It was one of the least expensive digital products Adam has released, at only $147!

The Good Parts

The first great thing about this program is that it is cheap!

Most of Adam Lyons' programs are at least $1,000 dollars so at $147 this was a steal.

Adam Goes step by step of how to use the program, starting with ethical warnings all the way through dating the girls you meet in this program.

I personally have only used the soulmate trigger a few times because it is only meant to be used when you are certain you are willing to date a woman for a long time. This is not meant to be used for people you just meet and certainly will not be something you would use in a bar. This program is for long term dating, relationships and even marriage.

The program describes several psychological phenomenon's, like the boundary effect, mirror neurons and brain chemicals and how they all play a part in attracting your soulmate.

He tells exactly where and how to meet the girl of your dreams, how to spot her in a crowd and even how to make her realize you are the one she should be with!

Essentially this is a condensed version of his ACE Formula Program that he charges $7,000 for. It does not come with the coaching however so this one is practice on your own, which we will get to in a moment.

Overall, I simply love everything about this program but I have a few things I didn't like...

The Bad Parts

So onto the things I didn't like...

Adam focuses a lot on one specific place to meet women who could be the one for you in this program. The biggest problem was that shortly after buying this program we had a nice little pandemic happen, which stopped all ability to go out and meet people in public venues like the one he suggests.

That doesn't mean it didn't work though. I have only used the soulmate trigger a few times and never in the venue he suggests and it still worked just fine.

I used it once on a gorgeous bartender after they started opening back up and at the end of the night she kicked everyone out of the bar and let me stay... that was a lot of fun!

The soulmate trigger wears off quickly without good maintenance, too. In fact, Adam even says you want to use it several times in your relationships if you want it to keep working over and over again.

There is also no coaching connected to this program and for only $147 that makes complete sense. Coaches cost money and there is no wiggle room in a price that low. It would have been nice to have an upgrade option for some coaching or a live Q & A session to get some clarification, even if it cost a bit more.

A Few Things I Learned In The SoulMate Trigger

While I can not give away everything I learned in this program I do want to tell you a few of the things that I learned that really impacted my dating life.

First, the boundary effect thing I mentioned earlier was a really interesting and big aha moment for me. The boundary effect is this interesting psychological phenomenon that simple makes you a more familiar person faster simply by moving rooms.

Adam explains all of that in the program and why it works, which is super cool. Throw in some hand holding and it gets crazy quick.

Next is the Disney moments that get created. these are moments where you are romantic but in a very subtle way that gives a woman the feeling of happily ever after is going to happen. The way I wrote that sounds very manipulative but it really isn't, it is just you treating her like a princess without putting her on a pedestal. Adam explains it a lot better than I could ever do it justice.

Third is the importance of body language and how mirror neurons affect your interactions when you first meet a woman. If you do not have the proper body language to approach a woman and you're missing the signs that she is open to being approached this will surely wind up in a rejection. Adam breaks down exactly how to know when to approach a woman and how your own body language should be communicating to them that you are comfortable and friendly.

The wrong body language turns you into a creeper fast so be careful here!

I really learned sooo much through this program that I can't cover it all but I do want to share one more thing...

The Soulmate Trigger itself.

The Soulmate Trigger itself is a very powerful thing to connect with a woman, deeply. Even falling in love for her and yourself and when used multiple times over years and years combined with the other skills Adam teaches the soulmate trigger will keep you and the woman of your dreams deeply in love.

No it isn't some cheesy line where you tell a woman you love her and honestly even if I told you what it was, without the proper set up it would be completely useless.

I also do not have Adam's permission to share what it is so I can't share it. Besides it is better to just get the program to fully understand it.


As you can probably tell I really love Adam Lyons' program, the Soulmate Trigger. I have been through several of his programs and highly recommend all of them. That said, before you go all willy nilly signing up for them join my email list and chat with me. I have special offers for any of Adam's programs that no one else has, including getting help from me in implementing the courses, including extra coaching calls for the ACE Formula and many of his other programs, including the soulmate trigger.

In fact, if you reach out to me and buy the Soulmate Trigger I will do two coaching sessions with you as you go through the program to help you understand how to implement it in your own dating life.

Click the button below and it will open a chat with me on Facebook and we can talk about this program and others.

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