I have been listening to Ben Settle interviews and reading his books like a mad man this week. In fact I have read 4 of his books this week alone and plan to add even more of his books to my completed list.

Ben has simple methods for doing things that work like crazy and he couldn’t care less what you or I think about what he does.

His pages are simple, his offers are simple and often very expensive and he makes a ton of money from them because he knows and understands his audience.

That is the first thing we all need to know in the health and fitness world is exactly what our audience wants and responds to.

Most people use their websites to try to make sales but that is not the ideal thing to do with them.

Obviously, you should use them to make sales but before you do that you should use them to get leads.

Most everyone under the sun is on Facebook, trying to make sales. Maybe they are also on Google too. The problem with that… you do not own the platform so Facebook or Google can kick you off whenever they feel like it. Facebook has been on a rampage killing off people’s ad accounts for years now with no explanation.

It is more vital than ever to control your own source of traffic to your offers and an email list is the old tried and true method for doing that.

Use your website to get emails first then you make sales offers to the list.

That is it… your website, your YouTube channel and all of your social media should have one purpose and one purpose only… get the email.

I can hear the whole fitness world saying no… I want my website to sell… NO YOU DO NOT.

In the book Launch, by Mike Stelzner, he outlines a formula that is very beneficial.

He says lays out this formula. GC+OP-MM=Growth.

That translates to Great Content + Other People – Marketing Messages = Growth.

You want the only marketing message on your whole website to be to get on your email list…

Speaking of which here is my blatant, shameless promotion for mine….

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Nope, I do not have a trip wire or an ethical bribe or any of that other stuff normal marketers say you must do but what I do have is a daily email newsletter where I share all sorts of marketing tips that I have learned after spending over 18 million dollars in ads over the past 6 years.

I used to work for Six Pack Short Cuts as one of their media buyers. We had a budget of 1.5 million dollars a month to spend on ads and we killed it. Here is what Dan Rose, the CEO at Six Pack Abs has to say about working with me and my agency.

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