Start a conversation with any girl (actual lines)

In this video, my man Lloyd is breaking down 3 openers for when you approach women.

He starts with the opinion opener. This is a classical RSD opening line where you simply ask someone their opinion on a subject, the reason this works is it gets the woman talking and is a very socially acceptable method for approaching anyone.

Most women are not going to tell you off if all you do is ask them for their perspective, as a woman.


The next opener Lloyd shares is a logistical opener, Adam Lyons likes to teach this specific opener but it is not only Starbucks that you can ask a woman about. Asking where a restroom is or what type of coffee she is going to order are a few other easy ways to open a conversation.

The last one The Single Guy shares in this video is a very direct opener. You basically tell a girl, Hi I think you are cute and see how she responds.

I am not a fan of a direct opening line like this because it is a high risk of rejection. You'll go through a lot of women with this one and probably face more rejection than you really need to. I personally would stick to the other two.

Another one I like, also comes from Adam Lyons. He says to open by commenting on something she is already thinking.

So for example. If I see a girl drop something or trip a little bit I might smile and say, :I saw that!" very playfully. Usually they are just a touch embarrassed but are typically very cool about it.

Lloyd is a very good dating coach and well he also happens to be my roommate.

If you want to know more about Lloyd and his coaching click the button below, a Facebook messenger app will appear and you can send me a message and I will be happy to make an introduction for you.

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