3 Ways To Get The Girl Even When You Are Overweight

As an overweight guy I used to really struggle to meet and date women.

Let's face it, women assume any guy that approaches them wants to date them or at least sleep with them, even when that is not the case.

They give us that side eye glance that says, "Please, don't talk to me." even when all we want is to borrow a napkin or ask where the bathroom is.

I personally weighed 380 pounds and dating was pretty much impossible for me until I learned how to talk to women, use body language and leadership to actually become a more attractive person.

I learned something that was fascinating from dating coach, Adam Lyons... Women do not care nearly as much as we think they do about how heavy we are or even if we are good looking!

They tell us all the damn time, you just have to be confident but what does that even mean?

Well if you ask them, they can't tell you either.

They just know they like it when a man is confident and they also say, just be yourself and the right girl will show up. Of course, while I thought I was being my self and had no idea what being confident looked like in their eyes one thing I knew for sure was, I was overweight and while these women told me to just be confident and be myself they also told me they only really like me as a friend, so nothing these women told me made any damn sense whatsoever.

So how can we attract women who are attractive to us, even while we are overweight?

Have Fun Doing What You Love

One thing women really do love is a man that can make them laugh. If you are a very serious person you will need to learn how to lighten up and have some fun in life. Passion. entertainment and fun are high on the list of things women want in a man. I highly recommend learning how to be the life of the party or at least one of the fun people at the party.

I can not tell you how many beautiful women have approached me when I go out dancing not because I am a great dancer but because I have an absolute blast dancing. I enjoy myself and because I am having a great time it attracts women to come by and have fun with me.

If you despise dancing, you could learn how to dance but it may not be for you so do something YOU LOVE!

I attracted a lot of women in my Kung Fu school because I worked hard and constantly was improving my skills.

Find something you enjoy doing and learn to do it well and the ladies will come to you.

Build An Abundant Social Life

Adam Lyons taught me that one thing that I really needed more than anything else is to be actively going out, often. If your social life consists of sitting at home watching Television, going to work every day and playing video games you may want to pick up some hobbies that get you out and about. Staying at home is a surefire way to not attract a single woman.

Work On Your Body

Look, I get it, I really do...

Losing weight is not a fun experience but if you wnat to get the highest quality woman you need to start taking care of yourself. Eating right, mos tthe time. Working out... maybe join a martial arts class or Yoga class.

Women are not all about how a guy looks but when you lose some weight it makes things a lot easier.

I lost 100lbs and when I got down to 270 pounds from 380 ppounds a LOT more women approached me and were willing to ask me out.

At 270 pounds I am still a big guy.

All it took was going dancing a few nights a week and eating meat nad veggies constantly and now I have even cut the veggies out.


Ieat almost all meat now and while covid made me gain 50 of the 110 I had lost back, I lost 35 pounds in about 8 weeks. 2 months.

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