Took A Date To Olive And June In Austin, Texas

Last week I decided to take a date to Olive and June and honestly I have nothing bad to say at all.

We had a fantastic time and I highly recommend taking a date there, just be prepared to spend some money.

The portion sizes are much larger than one would expect from a high end Italian restaurant so we definitely, over ordered.

My date and I arrived a bit early for our reservations but they had our table waiting nonetheless. The valet was complimentary but they do not have someone who can drive a stick, so be aware of that if you intend to park at the restaurant, they may not be able to drive your car.


Appetizers At Olive And June In Austin, Texas

The chef, Stephen, came out to greet us. Stephen is a personal friend of mine, so don't expect this but it was nice nonetheless to have him come introduce himself to my date.

We started off with some great cocktails from their cocktail menu.

The waitress, Gwen, created the peach cocktail that I had and it was very good. I honestly do not remember what my date ordered but she liked the peach one better any way and ordered that drink for her second drink.

For our appetizers, we started with the meatballs, which were sweet and had figs in them. The figs complimented the sweetness of the sauce and pork very wellbut caught my date off guard a bit because she thought she had picked up a meatball, not a fig. Highly reccommend them.

We also had the tomoato salad, this salad is one of my favorite salads, that I have ever had in my life. The lime compressed watermelon was quite a unique flavor and was very enjoyable.

Also, I almost forgot, Stephen had a brioche bread sent out covered in delicious fruits! Highly reccomend this bread.


Pasta Primi At Olive And June In Austin, Texas

The pasta course was one of my favorite courses for this meal. We again ordered two separate course but honestly, we probably could have shared one and been extremely happy.

We had the Pappardelle and the Capalleni.

The pappardelle was mostly eaten by my date though I did try it. She liked it more than the Capalleni,which I enjoyed.

The pappardelle, had a braised short rib ragu that was cooked to perfection.

The Capalleni had a blue crab, angel air pasta and pesto, which is my favorite sauce for any pasta dish.


Secondi At Olive And June In Austin, Texas

The main dish we had was the pan roasted duck. Often with duck it seems to be a very fatty meat. I personally love duck, fat and all. The duck at Olive and June, was a smaller portion, which was good because by this point we were getting stuffed from all the previous courses. We had a second main entrée too but I can not for the life of me remember what we had... but I do remember it being very, very good. They have changed the menu since I was there a week ago, so I can't find it on their menu either, sadly. Since it is off the menu, you can't get it any way, so I suppose it isn't that big of a deal.

When the main course came out so did some fingerling potatoes and green beans.

The potatoes where crispy and came on top of a sauce, that I assume had a sour cream base but it was unlike any other sour cream sauce that I have ever had.

The green beans, also, had a sauce under them, that was similar but not the same as the potatoes. I am not a big green bean fan in general but would order those again the next time I go to Olive and June.

If you want to take a date here for a special night out, I would. It is perfect for an anniversary or something else that is special.

I would not take a first date here, though... maybe a third date, if you really like her a lot.

In fact, lets talk about that next...

Taking A Date To Olive And June In Austin, Texas

Alright so here are the brass tacks about taking a date to Olive and June in Austin... Do it for someone you have been dating a while, not a first date and definitely not a tinder, bumble, hinge or whatever dating app you are on, date.


On your first date with a new girl you do not want to set the standard at a 300 dollar meal. Often women on dating apps will take a free meal, especially a really nice one, then never talk to you again. So, take women to a more chill place before ever getting to the point where you take them to any expensive restaurant.

Places like Olive and June are a fantastic date place for a woman you have been dating at least 3 months, maybe more. Yeah... they are impressive... but you want a girl who likes you for you, not a girl who likes a big fancy experience and thinks she can get those out of you often but isn't into you otherwise.

Never take a woman on a date like this until you are certain you want to dat her or you have already been dating her for awhile.

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