Want To Severe Rapport With Potential Clients? Do This.

Recently, I was hit up on messenger by a guy trying to sell me sales training.
While I am very open to learning new techniques, I would never learn from someone who is worse at than I am.
This particular guy invited me to some group and he was gonna teach me to sell in the group…(of course I want to learn from sir spam a lot how to bother random stranger hoping for a buck)
He didn’t know anything about me, my business, my sales experience, my marketing experience, nothing.
He just assumed he could teach me to sell.
Right now there are so many people blowing up other people’s messenger apps with a sales message, looking for a buck but if all you want is my money I don’t care what you’re selling.
I’ll buy that exact item from someone else.
That said, I’ve made some really good money in messenger but I always understand what people need before offering a solution.
Could you imagine if a Doctor knocked on your door and he says, “Give this one Viagra.” He then goes to the next door and says the same thing to everyone on your block.
He doesn’t ask if you have any problems at all. He doesn’t ask if you have any symptoms. He just writes the same prescription for everyone on your block. I know you’re thinking this guy would get a lot of patients doing this, right? Haha.
Sales is all about solving problems for other people not about getting their money.
Help people solve their problems even if you don’t make a buck and money will come.
Make it all about you and what you get and you’ll find your bank account barren forever. On my email newsletter I share stuff like this in way more depth.

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