In The Red Pill Communities They Say You Should Never Be Friends With Women, I Call Bull

In the red pill communities they say never be friends with a woman, I think this is complete crap.

I love to make friends with women and let them all know they will only ever be my friend.

The thing is that is all I want with most women any way, is friendship.

In fact, I often find it incredibly frustrating that women assume that I immediately want to sleep with them when in fact I would prefer to get to know who they are over just having a warm hole to stick my dick in.

I am not saying that I don't like sex or that I am not a sexual person I am saying women are more than that and should be treated well.

Treating Women As If They Are Objects Is Not Cool, Neither Is Putting Them On A Pedestal

So look, I can hear the whole damn red pill community screaming at me right now...

You can't be friends with women that you want to sleep with.


I can hear their minds racing, calling me a simp.

Well the fact is I am not putting women on a pedestal but I am also not putting myself up on one either.

I treat everyone the same whether it is a man or woman, beautiful or ugly makes no damn difference to me so I can go unaffected by beauty in my interactions.

Today I spoke to an old lady at Starbucks the same way that I would talk to a super model.

They are all people and when you treat people well, and give them laugh they all like you.

Talk about sex with men and women exactly the same and make sure everyone is comfortable, that is how to do it.

Dan Bilzarian, Never Hits On Women. Neither Do I.

I watched a video today where Dan Bilzarian's talent manager was being interviewed and she said she has never slept with him. She said that Dan does not hit on women, ever because he doesn't need to. She went on to say that if a woman wants to sleep with Dan, she needs to just go sit on his face because he will never come for her.

I learned this from Adam Lyons who has thousands of women who know him, spend times with him and have slept with him.

A lot of guys who see Dan surrounded by hundreds of stunning beautiful women do not realize that the women are not there just ebcause he has money. He is likely a very fun person to be around and makes them laugh.

Sure the money helps but for women it is the status and the experiences they can get with him that are attractive not the money itself. Michael Sartain says this as well. He does not hit on women and they surround him all the time because he is their friend with no expecttions. JUST FRIENDSHIP.

I once posted in a dating group a pic with my personal friends, gorgeous women who I have only been friends with. No dating but you know what, they would spend all day and all night chilling with me. I took them throughout Vegas to fun experiences, including dinner at Gordon Ramsay Steak in The Paris Hotel and Casino.

These girls are stunningly hot. I did not try to sleep with any of them and I never will.

OKay,okay okay... this is all great and all but you still do not want to stay friend zoned by every woman you meet....

Do you know there is a such thing as referral sex?

Yep... Women will tell their friends how damn great you are and they will tell their hottest friends to date you.

Be cool to women and they will send their friends to you.

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